31 Dec 2019

Chaos Daemons - Flamers of Tzeentch, Chaos Spawn and a Poxbringer

Hello all, thanks for dropping by. My (Siph's) final batch of additions to the hordes of Chaos Daemons I have amassed is a squad of Flamers of Tzeentch, some Chaos Spawn and a Nurgle Poxbringer. These complete this year's offerings to our soon departed Liege Lord of Painting, Duncan. All Hail!

Flamers of Tzeentch
The Flamers were a bargain on eBay, I liked the rock bases so I bought at a bargain and repainted them and added 32mm base adaptors to increase the size of the base.
The teeth were picked out in Ushabti Bone and contrast painted with Skeleton Horde. The flames were painted with the same colour palette as my Plasma, Baharroth Blue, Temple Guard Blue and Sotek Green and the bodies washed Leviathan Purple wash over a blue basecoat.
These used to be really effective on the battlefield of 7th, but I am yet to get an 8th Edition Daemons Codex so it will be a pleasant treat finding out how and what in my growing Daemon force is effective, but at this stage I will field all of it to make 2000pts and cheap small units cannot hurt if trying to get a Brigade Detachment for the ample supply of Command Points.
I couldn't save the slate so I had to repaint over it as it was covered with a gloss goo.
So, a cheap small fast unit of potential death-bringing wreathing enemies with eldritch Flickering Flames! A nice addition to the horde of Chaos I have amassed - must go buy that Chaos Daemons Codex now!

Chaos Spawn
Now, not strictly a Daemon addition, as these are found in the Chaos Space Marine Codex and I will field alongside my Daemons with a CSM Daemon Prince as the HQ and these as the Outrider Detachment.
Four were painted as Nurgle affiliated Spawn and two as Khorne. I picked these up also on eBay, repainted them especially as the original paint job had green Khorne spawn - that just wouldn't do, so I kept the purple spikes and claws and repainted everything else and the bases.
These two Nurgle Chaos Spawn had the bone and horn areas painted with Ushabti Bone and Skeleton Horde contrast, the horns having darker browns as a base, the darker horn being toward the older tips; the bodies a mix of Deathguard green, Loren Forest, Catachan Green and Nurgling Green finished with Agrax Earthshade. The bases my usual colours but a few grey rocks left to add contrast and detail. Tentacles got a liberal coat of Nurgle's Rot technical paint to look like ooze and pus after the matt varnish to remain glossy.
These Khorne Chaos Spawn were completely repainted too, save the purple claws which I added a wash to, and some Blood for the Blood God, obviously! The spikes on the crab claws again Skeleton Horde over Karak Stone.
The final two Nurgle Chaos Spawn followed the recipe for the first two, with the eyes picked out, given slit pupils and finished off with 'Ardcoat gloss after the matt varnish to look wet. I also added Nurgle's Rot technical paint over any tentacles.

Poxbringer of Nurgle
The Poxbringer is a Psyker for the Nurgle Daemons, and a cheap HQ slot Character, up to now I only had Greater Daemons for my Nurgle Daemons, in the form of a Great Unclean One so this addition is a great addition to ensure I can bring along a dual Battalion or a Brigade for lots of CPs.
The Poxbringer was a bargain eBay job too, this time a decent paintjob which I added too and didn't totally do again. I repainted some of the gory innards and torn fleshy areas, however the Deathguard Green skin areas and the Nurgling were great job so they remained. Only half painting points for this Character.
I picked  out the boils and gave them 'whiteheads', the torn flesh coats of Blood for the Blood God and some Screamer Pink and Pink Horror and even a little Averland Sunset as the subcutaneous fat layer. The organs were picked out and the entrails given 'Ardcoat to look wet.
The Balesword was a grey basecoat but with a metallic drybrush of Leadblecher and a wash of Nihilakh Oxide technical paint for the verdigris look. Plus a little Blood for the Blood God after the varnish.
There you go, some great offerings to the Dark Gods just before the year's end! Next year I am going to start out on some well deserved big items that have been languishing in the to-do pile for too long and of course, work on a Titan ahead of June's Titan Owners Club Walk UK... no promises - my track record is 3.5yrs for a Titan!

Have a great New Year's and see you all in 2020 for more WeeMen hobbies and fun!

Cheers, Siph, Lord Halfpenny and the elusive 6thDegree.
(20 points - 3 troops, 6 large based, 5pts part Character)

27 Dec 2019

Deathwatch - Corvus Blackstars and Drop Pod - Completed

Hello one and all!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

This weeks offering is several new additions to my Deathwatch force, 2 Corvus Blackstar Flyers and a Drop Pod! 
Corvus Blackstars
I have painted up 2 of 3 Corvus flyers, as stated before, I love the look of these flyers, game wise they might not be great, however I can see them being quite a menace on the dance floor! One is armed with Lascannons, the other Assault Cannons. I have added Hurricane Bolters to one (at the moment).
Each Corvus Blackstar has has the same armour plate painted to represent the pilots home Chapter - the first Relictors - had to be done :) (Cheers matey! - Siph) and the other White Scars. I will be following this scheme on all vehicles which would have a pilot/driver.
The armour has been painted in the same style as the dreadnoughts and rhino, with line highlights to finish. Really happy with the results - as I've tried to avoid line highlights, normally opting for drybrushing.

Drop Pod
The drop pod has again had the same finish as the other vehicles. The interior has been finished as per my Ultramarines Drop Pod I did 10 years ago!
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny  (20pts Drop Pod and 2 Flyers)

25 Dec 2019

Happy Christmas / Holidays / Glorious Emperor Ascendance Day

A very Merry Christmas and a hobby filled New Year to you all, whatever you celebrate - hokey religions or the cold hard Imperial Truth ;)   from us three not so wise men at WeeMen

Cheers! Siph, Lord Halfpenny and the very elusive 6thDegree  ;)

Scroll down for more hobbyist Christmas themed pictures...
(Santa Claws by Redditor u/jojothepirate87)

(Zanta Klawz by Redditor u/Mackelrov_aka_Stitch)

Ork by Redditor u/BossMupzi)

(Image by GW, altered by GregorytheImpaler)

(Image from eldritchepistles - check it out, old school cool collectors blog)

23 Dec 2019

Relictors Space Marine Company Veterans w/ Storm Shields

Hello All, thanks for having a look-see, another year almost done of mini painting and I continue painting to try and get the backlog into a reasonable sane size! lol.

I've painted up some Company Veterans with Storm Bolters and Storm Shields, because in 8th - why not!? Storm Shields for non Characters are dirt cheap and Storm Bolters now put out 4 shots each with Bolter Discipline. 20 shots and a 3++ save means these can threaten most squads bigger than them and can be a resilient objective holder.
This is the Veteran Sergeant, a normal Terminator Storm Shield and the Storm Bolter from the fabled Army Box Veteran. His helmet crest is from the Burning of Prospero plastics as is the MKIII Iron Armour. I painted his hand as a augmetic replacement bionic hand.
The Company Veterans are all based on MKIII Iron Armour plastics with various Storm Bolters from kits, Devastator / Sternguard / Terminators. The Storm Shields are actually Breacher Siege Squad Boarding Shields from Forge World. They suit the MKIII Iron Armour nicely.
The armour is painted Army Painter Uniform Grey which is a match for Dawnstone/Codex Grey and washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Administratum Grey/Fortress Grey. Bases as always Mournfang Brown/Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone.
I love the MKIII plastics, I think MKIII Iron Armour is my favourite Mark of Astartes Armour, if I did a Horus Heresy Force it would comprise mostly of Iron Armour I reckon! I am glad I can use it here. I previously have done a couple of Company Veterans similar to this, who used to form the veterans of the Command Squad, now no longer a Codex option but still the old school make up of a traditional Battle Company in my head! I also have a squad of Devastators in MKIII too, from the more expensive resin FW Armour Marks of old.
And here on the battlefield striding forward into the thickest of the fighting behind their near impenetrable Storm Shields... thanks for dropping by.

Have a great miniature filled Christmas/Holidays, Cheers, Siph. (5 points)

20 Dec 2019

Deathwatch - Relic Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer

Hello one and all.

This week has been pretty productive - my first 40k battle for a good while with Siph, and managed to get some hobby painting time.

So up next, the completed Deathwatch Relic Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer.
This beast has already seen combat, having taken out Siph's Baneblade with its first fire at our battle at Warhammer World, Nottingham HQ, and for this the tank has received a Blood Angels honour to the gun shield. For all the vehicles of the Deathwatch I will be adding a small spot colour to honour the chapter of origin of the driver of the tank - in this case Blood Angels.
The tank was painted as per my other tanks and Dreadnoughts. I added some details to the barrel for heat effect, using a blue ink. This was then drybrushed with initially Chaos Black, and then silver to finish.
Really happy with the final results. I may return to the tank to add weathering to the tracks and undersides, but at the moment I am going for a 'clean-ish' look.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (20 points - Superheavy)

18 Dec 2019

Ad Mech - Kataphron Destroyers Heavy Battle Servitors w/ Plasma

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I have finally gotten around to finishing a squad that has been sitting on the painting desk for a long time, since Warhammerfest really! Here is my latest addition to the growing Adeptus Mechanicus army, a squad of Heavy Battle Servitors - Kataphron Destroyers.
These were painted to match my existing scheme, much of which was painted by blogger buddy Mordian7th so I did my best to use the same reds and golds and blue power cables.
I chose Heavy Plasma Calivers as quite frankly they are the best choice, and rather than give secondary weapon Phospher Blaster, I chose Cognis Flamers for the Overwatch protection (Cognis meaning roll two dice for 'how many shots' and discard the lower). The alternative Heavy Grav Cannon is great but the longer range, more strength and well Plasma is a great choice especially Heavy D6 shots and the Heavy Battle Servitor ignores the move and fire penalty.
I painted the Heavy Plasma Cannon Retributor Gold to show the sacred and reverent status these weapons would be, the wrath of the Ommnisah made manifest.
The scheme overall is stock-Mars with a lighter bone accent to brighten up the overall scheme. The lack of track guards like the Breachers means the scheme is quite dark and metallic.
The Plasma was my go-to plasma colours, Kantor Blue base, Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue, BaharrothBlue and Ulthuan Grey finish, the final three colours just on the ridges getting progressively smaller toward the top.
And here is a comparison shot next to the Kataphron Breachers, not a bad match up colour scheme, happy with that.
The lack of track guards really emphasizes the heavier brawling nature of the Breachers (3+ save) over the lighter Destroyers (4+ save).
And a final shot of the Heavy Battle Servitors to date. A great addition to the Machine God's forces. Cheers, Siph. (6pts)
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