20 Dec 2019

Deathwatch - Relic Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer

Hello one and all.

This week has been pretty productive - my first 40k battle for a good while with Siph, and managed to get some hobby painting time.

So up next, the completed Deathwatch Relic Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer.
This beast has already seen combat, having taken out Siph's Baneblade with its first fire at our battle at Warhammer World, Nottingham HQ, and for this the tank has received a Blood Angels honour to the gun shield. For all the vehicles of the Deathwatch I will be adding a small spot colour to honour the chapter of origin of the driver of the tank - in this case Blood Angels.
The tank was painted as per my other tanks and Dreadnoughts. I added some details to the barrel for heat effect, using a blue ink. This was then drybrushed with initially Chaos Black, and then silver to finish.
Really happy with the final results. I may return to the tank to add weathering to the tracks and undersides, but at the moment I am going for a 'clean-ish' look.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (20 points - Superheavy)


  1. That looks superb, the red bits really lift it and the beast did indeed one shot my general purpose Baneblade... can I suggest adding an Inquisition =I= to the doors to differentiate from BA Death Company to Deathwatch as it looks remarkably like DC with the Blood Angels flair ;)

  2. Agreed with Siph, while it looks great it needs something to make it read Deathwatch.

  3. thanks for the points - I'll look to add an 'I' to the other side of the tank. :)


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