2 Dec 2019

Relictors Space Marine Chaplain #8

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. Today I have a few pict captures of my latest addition to the Relictors Space Marine Chapter, a Chaplain from the Space Marine Heroes box set, it came with a Chaplain, a Librarian and a Captain.
This sculpt has also been packaged up with an alternative arm as a Deathwatch Chaplain. However, I digress... I used Skeleton Horde over Dheneb Stone for the parchment, a lovely effect I think, and over Ushabti Bone for the bone areas. I added some colour and interest to the knee and repeated the red spot colour on the opposite shoulder Pauldron.
The Relictors grey Chapter Badge (my version - real one is sideways skull and freehand, this is an easy decal and I've done 200+, too late to start now...)  can be seen on the left Pauldron.
The golds were Retributor Gold, washed Reikland Flesh and highlighted Auric Armour Gold and a spot of Liberator Gold. The Black Armour was Abbaddon Black, edged Eshin Grey and further highlighted Dawnstone.
I repeated the white skull on the Bolt Pistol and Crozius handle, echoing to the Chapter Badge.
The text on the scrolls and parchment is done using a 005 Micron Pen rather than a brush, a cheating tip for budding painters - its excellent for painting scroll work script on Banners etc.
And here is the Relictors Chapter Chaplains assuring the purity of the faith and geneseed whilst the Relictors dabble in the dark arts - to fight Chaos with Chaos if needed. Shhh, don't tell the Inquisition - Roboute Guilliman has only just bought us back into the fold with Primaris reinforcements.

Thanks for dropping by and Cheers, Siph. (10pts Character)


  1. lovely paint job, and that's a great mini.

  2. heh, you have more chaplains than I have space marines at this point!

  3. Sweet! That came out excellent. What a great batch of chaplains overall!

  4. I'll bet they're fun at dinner parties.

  5. Thanks everyone, yes a few Chappies... but who doesn’t like a skull helmeted fanatical zealot super human Marine or two?


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