27 Apr 2011

Reaver Mishap

Well, while Pornstarjedi makes his Reaver rise from the ashes, mine (Honorum) had a nasty fall and has smashed into 15-20 pieces! He was loose at the waist and something glued failed making his top half topple over and smash onto the floor - a drop of about 3 feet onto carpet so the paintjob survived but the joints didn't from the shock damage.

Pics to follow when I've picked myself back up...

He needed gluing and pinning a bit more anyway, this I guess just saves me from pulling him apart. I may have to sacrifice the inside paintjob if I intend to carry-on gaming with him as there are too many parts of the Adamantium Shell that need to be loose in order to get to the fleshy insides... or a massive magnetic bonanza. We'll see.

The Reaver is dead... long live the 2 Reavers (coming soon).

18 Apr 2011

Reaver Titan update / sticky situation for PornStarJedi

Hi, just a quick update- I spent the weekend dry building, and eventually gluing together parts of the Reaver (photos to follow in next post) however a minor, potentially major incident occurred when the end of the super glue exploded, resulting in my hands covered in the stuff. I wouldn't of minded, but this was the 'world's strongest glue ever' resistant to water, soap, and pretty much everything else known to man. I scrubbed my hands with a scrubbing brush for almost an hour with no real results- just sore hands! it was getting to the point of having to go to my local A+E department when... Thankfully a cure was found by my wife to elevate the sticky situation, nail polish- and after an hour of rubbing, the stickiness abated, as well as many layers of skin!

Super glue- its out to get you!!

13 Apr 2011

Relictors Terminator Captain

This is the latest addition to the Relictor's ever growing Army. Why is it that you have a list of projects (see sidebar) however you always seem to get distracted and plough on with other little projects?Oh well, it's all still Relictors tho, even tho I am getting tempted to Grey Knight dabble to counter Pornstarjedi's new Daemon Army he's working on.Currently working on another Terminator HQ, a Chaplain and continuing with something actually on my project list, a squad of Bikes, the Sergeant's bike is all done, just need to do the rider himself.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like.
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