30 Sept 2009

Imperial Warhound Canis Bellum - Legio Astorum

Well here he is, Canis Bellum (War Dog/Hound) of the Legio Astorum (Warprunners) in all his glory. The first two shots are from the artist sent to me. The others are at home with the IG and Relictors. As you can see the tree didn't survive the post but everything else was repaired and back to full working order.
The striped Shin Armour is to match the shoulder armour of Reaver Titan Honorum (from IA Vraks) as that is how it will be painted up. Ron is doing his banner for me.
The artist / painter is Richard Gray from Richard Gray Creations and his Warseer Log can be found here. He is a top line artist as you can see and a fabulous guy to work with, very trustworthy and great communications ensured I got what I wanted, after all, in his words "it is your titan". He is open for Commissions if anyone wants a similar project done, Armies, Titans, Super Heavies etc. Drop him a line.
###UPDATE### 2019 After Action Pict Captur ###

29 Sept 2009

UK GamesDay 09

Me and Pornstarjedi are just back from UK Gamesday 09 at the NEC in Birmingham. Pornstar took some pictures and we both had a drunken weekend followed by a hangover morning in the queues to get in. Luckily we both felt rather better once a few purchases were under our belts...
 Inquisitor and John Blanche

There were several displays of the new Space Wolves, below is the 3-1 size marines.
Turn out was as big as last year judging by the queues and crowds around the Forgeworld stall and dining halls! There looked to be fewer gaming tables and dioramas than last year but that may have been because the were more spread out in the bigger halls.
Above is one of my favourite displays, an entire 1st company all with drop pods! -wow! (Jedi)

Forgeworld had several displays, both Imperial and Chaos Reavers were on show. The Chaos monster looks amazing- (Will - if you read this blog AWESOME JOB!!)

Daren Parwood from FW was at hand to tell us about his WIP potential Space Marine Assault Boat, a kind of smaller Thunderhawk type craft, a "Valkyrie for the Marines", ahead of the future Imperial Armour book featuring the Raven Guard. Will Hayes didn't rule out eventually doing a Warlord Titan, but firstly other races needed their 'Reaver and Warhound' class warmachines - this concurred with our last year's discussion reference the Chaos Reaver - now out. Necron and Dark Eldar players will have to wait for GW to release Codexes before you get new FW toys.There was a magnificent Space Wolf and Tyranid Diorama, stunning and big! Rumours abound were comfirmed reference the Tyranids new Codex out in January - I wouldn't be suprised if the forthcoming Ultramarine feature was to include them...
That final bombshell was a flyer given out to the crowds reference the Ultramarines Movie - a supposed 70min CGI film planned for the near future... sign up at http://www.ultramarinesthemovie.com/ for updates.

On a positive note, we both remarked that "Recession, what Recession?!" Good news for our hobby - everyone was as usual buying tonnes and sales looked good - ran out of Stormwind Drop Pods and Demolisher Tanks that I planned to buy! But picked up some Space Wolves I'm planning to use some of the bearded heads and few Relictor skull like pieces - the rest I've put on ebay for some Space Puppy fanboy to snap up. We have two Space Hulk sets each now - Pornstar dropped mine off at the weekend and we both spent far too much money again... oh well!

Warhound Titan WIP Pictures

These are some of the photo updates I was sent during the Warhound's construction. At every stage I was consulted about the details. I sent a colour spread from the Vraks IA book to show what sort of colour scheme I wanted and he took it from there. I'll let the pictures do the talking...I think you would agree, that is an awesome good job done on the details. Next Warhound post will be the finished article in all his glory and details about the artist if you now feel the need to get a similar project up and away. The base matches my Guard and Relictors perfectly and I have just got to sort out a few issues which happened in transit (Special Delivery, Fragile and insured but still it looks like it was treated as a football by our loving post office) and then post pics. Now where are those toes!?...

Something BIG is coming...

An early WIP Update Shot

Okay, the cat (or hound) is out of the bag... I haven't been around much due to work commitments but that does mean I'm not short on hobby cash. So, in true cop out fashion - I commissioned someone else to do a Warhound for me at a reasonable price I might add. Firstly in my defence I must point out that I saw this guy's work on his website and CMON and knew I wouldn't be able to give my Warhound the justice it would now deserve at this stage of my hobby painting skill development, an expensive FW resin boy like this is not one to experiment on, and secondly - ah blow it, I don't care - this is frakkin' awesome. It is due to arrive from the mail today so once I've picked myself off the floor I'll post some pics and steer anyone else out there with more cash than time, or if you want a Golden Daemon standard centrepiece, to his website and Warseer thread.

Pornstarjedi is going to have his Reaver done by Christmas, in time for when I am next back from work! Boo Hoo.

25 Sept 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks PDF Leman Russ Update

Just a quick update. Basecoated the first tank in it's Camouflage pattern. This is a Company Command Tank hence the Hull Lascannon rather than a Heavy Bolter for the other Squadron Command Tanks, Searchlight, Track Guards, aerials for Improved Comms and he'll also get a Dozer Blade. 7 tanks primed and Red, 3 to go and 9 to 'Beige up'.

Question is - do I keep the dozer blade bare metal or just paint trims of it Camo, or whole blade Camo? And the Hull and Sponson weapons main bodies - Camo or not? What do you guys think?

24 Sept 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks PDF Leman Russ Project

So I have finally started to apply some paint to the Emperor's Fist Tank Company I assembled last year. They have sat patiently in the cupboard waiting for some spray paint. The plan is to spray them with Primer, then Red, then mask off some of the areas then spray Beige to create a camouflage effect, then wash and finally highlight and detailing - the same process i did for the Hellhound and that came out okay.

These will form the armoured wing of the Vraks Planetary Defence Force I've started to support the DKK forces eventually. I have already posted the first squad and the hellhound in the same red and beige livery.

This will take some time due to being away at work abroad for 11 weeks out of every 15 but hey it pays the mortgage!

7 Sept 2009

Ultramarine Tactical squad 1

Finally I've completed tactical squad 1, for the 2nd company. These guys I first painted up 13-14 years ago! I've updated the paint scheme, and changed the yellow trim from bad moon yellow, to a more subtle golden yellow. I've highlighted the ultramarine blue with a very light fortress grey, and then added additional grey to the prominent areas. (knee pads etc) The final stage was to add black shading around the armour plates to add depth.

The rhino has had the same paint scheme as the marines. The tactical arrow was painted using a masking technique. I used masking tape in the shape of the arrow on top of the blue and sprayed with skull white. This allowed the arrow to be sharp and crisp. I found this technique alot easier than trying to paint the white on top of the blue. Again I added shade with black in the recesses.
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