14 Jan 2019

Relictors Space Marine Scout Snipers w/ Camouflage - Squad #3

Hello All, thanks for checking out the blog. Here is my first set of Scouts for over 10yrs. My previous Scout Squads #1 & #2 were completed in Nov 2008 are still being used on the battlefields today, so these new additions will help out with area denial or objective holding.
For this Scout squad I continued with the theme from the first two squads with camouflage but inspired by a gaming buddy, went with a much darker scheme and camouflage which is the same colours as the terrain. I see these as sneaking around the terrain reporting the enemy dispositions and striking from the shadows with well aimed volleys of sniper rounds/blasts (Apparently the Space Marine Sniper Rifle fires a small dart made from a deadly neuro-toxin chemical. The liquid chemical is frozen into a dart or sliver within the gun before it is fired. Unerring accuracy is afforded by a low power beam of invisible laser-light which drives and guides the chemical dart to its target. If the target is armoured, the beam automatically pulses when the rifle is fired, punching a tiny hole which allows the toxic dart to penetrate).
Here is a shot of the rear of the models showing the camouflage cloaks, I like the variety the two metal sculpts add to the squad. The standing metal sculpt has had a helmet added to the waist belt. I added some colours and metals for the sake of how the miniature looks on the battlefield and for interest rather than realism, I know you would cover any metallic reflection surfaces IRL, but this is Grim Dark 40K and big white emblems on big shoulderpads, metal buckles and shiny lenses is in :)
Here are the three plastic Scouts, I've used heads from Dreamforge Games Valkir Heavy Troopers instead of the normal heads, I don't really like the Scout sculpt heads with the just-off proportions and big chins - and these are easier to do than flesh faces too so that is a win win. The middle Scout has the arms from a close combat scout, I removed the Combat Knife and the spare Sniper Rifle you get in the kit added to a Combat Shotgun arm - gives a unique and different pose.
These two are the metal Scults from about 1998, very characterful and I added a helmet to the base to link with the rest of the squad. I gave the standing one a face covered in cam-cream for a different look, I think it worked out well and gives piercing eyes.

A very enjoyable squad and a welcome addition to my Relictors. Thanks for dropping in.

Cheers, Siph. (5 painting points)

11 Jan 2019

Legio Crucius Warbringer - WIP #2

Hi All!

Another week with further progress, and a few hints with the Warbringer..

I've made progress with the legs of the titan, I checked to make sure the larger toe is at the front of the model, and also double checked which way round the foot base was- the instructions are clear, but worth double checking! I then did a couple of dry fits to see what pose would be possible.
 The final pose - with pelvis dry fitted
 I also had a delivery this week with the replacement parts 
Here is the leg shield
 And all 4 pieces together- originally the wrong piece was shipped- which didn't have the correct join to connect the 2 pieces together,
 For the leg piston/armour plates I wrote on them a letter to designate which piece it was- inner, outer, front, rear- the pieces are marked, but this is inside and can't be seen when the piston cover is attached.
 I also had 2 Reaver arms sent - these are about the same height as the Warbringer ones.
 Currently- the Warbringer is standing - ready for further progress!
Thanks for looking! LH

7 Jan 2019

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive #2 - Consort of Legio Astorum

Hello All, Happy New Year! Thanks for checking this out. I finally finished the second Armiger Warglaive from the Forgebane box set, now a pair of fiendishly quick metallic monsters to nip at the heels of the God Engines of Mars!
A shot of the two is further down the post, but where this one differed from the first was the choice of yellow feet and flame designs on the shin armour - a common site on the Legio Astorum 'Warp Runners' of old, less so on the modern take of this ancient Legio, but I thought I'd bring some old-school cool back. Mighty Reaver Honorum has flame designs on his knee too.
A rear gubbins shot - not much to say, simple metallic job with a few garnishes. The slate on the base adds weight and is well, slate from the garden, drybrushed with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone. You can see the white striped and the flame designs on the rear Pauldrons - common on my Legio Astorum forces, so a nice visual link.
I added heat stain effects to the barrels of the Thermal Lance and the Melta Gun, a simple four wash process, black - blue - purpe - sepia from muzzle to back.
I used the 'angry-eyebrows' head on this one, I liked the expression! The Chain Cleaver was painted the same as the first, picking out the teeth with Stormhost Silver.
From the top down you can make out the shoulder pauldron designs, flames on one with a cog design of the Mechanicum, and an Eclipse of the Legio Astorum on the other with the familiar blue/white striped design my Titans carry, the first Armiger had striped shin armour so these visually link the two again.
Here are the two together, standing proud in the livery of the Legio Astorum, yellow neck guard armour instead of the yellow head armour of the larger God Engines, the blue is Kantor Blue and looks a little darker irl, and the gold trim common on Legio Astorum machines.
And here is a shot of the Consorts of Legio Astorum ranging ahead of the Warhound Titan Canis Bellum supporting the Grey Knights in a planetary assault on Detolf II   ;)

Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. (5pts for Dreadnought sized)

3 Jan 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - MONS IGNEUS - WIP #1

Hi One and All,

I hope you all had a Great Christmas- Happy New Year from the Weemen Team!

So, the first post of 2019 has to be my next project.. The Warbringer Titan!

I have already selected a name for the Titan, Mons Igneus, which is Latin for Volcano, or Fiery Mountain- which is apt for the Titan!

Like most of the early Warbringer titans from Forge World I have had a selection of missing, or wrong parts. During a call today to FW I was informed that my parts are to be shipped tomorrow, with all other kits needing the parts due to be shipped out this month. This affect around 300 models. Anything ordered after the 17th December 'should' be OK, as the missing conduit part has been addressed and added, and the new cast for the shin guard sorted.

So far I have built the 'femurs' and 'torso' of the model. I wanted to have the torso ready to dry fit on the legs/pelvis prior to fixing these into place. With this model I think i need to be careful to make sure the weight is correctly balanced on the hips.

The kit so far has gone together really well- and am looking forward to getting the model standing!

Here are some comparison pictures of the body and hips to the Reaver..

And potentially looking at head options- I am still thinking I will stick with the normal Warbringer head for this one..
Cheers for Looking! LH
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