7 Jan 2019

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive #2 - Vassal of Legio Astorum

Hello All, Happy New Year! Thanks for checking this out. I finally finished the second Armiger Warglaive from the Forgebane box set, now a pair of fiendishly quick metallic monsters to nip at the heels of the God Engines of Mars!
A shot of the two is further down the post, but where this one differed from the first was the choice of yellow feet and flame designs on the shin armour - a common site on the Legio Astorum 'Warp Runners' of old, less so on the modern take of this ancient Legio, but I thought I'd bring some old-school cool back. Mighty Reaver Honorum has flame designs on his knee too.
A rear gubbins shot - not much to say, simple metallic job with a few garnishes. The slate on the base adds weight and is well, slate from the garden, drybrushed with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone. You can see the white striped and the flame designs on the rear Pauldrons - common on my Legio Astorum forces, so a nice visual link.
I added heat stain effects to the barrels of the Thermal Lance and the Melta Gun, a simple four wash process, black - blue - purpe - sepia from muzzle to back.
I used the 'angry-eyebrows' head on this one, I liked the expression! The Chain Cleaver was painted the same as the first, picking out the teeth with Stormhost Silver.
From the top down you can make out the shoulder pauldron designs, flames on one with a cog design of the Mechanicum, and an Eclipse of the Legio Astorum on the other with the familiar blue/white striped design my Titans carry, the first Armiger had striped shin armour so these visually link the two again.
Here are the two together, standing proud in the livery of the Legio Astorum, yellow neck guard armour instead of the yellow head armour of the larger God Engines, the blue is Kantor Blue and looks a little darker irl, and the gold trim common on Legio Astorum machines.
And here is a shot of the Consorts of Legio Astorum ranging ahead of the Warhound Titan Canis Bellum supporting the Grey Knights in a planetary assault on Detolf II   ;)

Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. (5pts for Dreadnought sized)


  1. `Angry Eyebrows', the wife is wondering why I'm laughing.

  2. I like the subtle changes in livery that also match them together. So much fun to do, even if it can be quite a challenge to actually make those decisions in the first place!

  3. Good to see the Legio expanding.


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