10 Jul 2013

Terrain and Scenery - Power Generators / Transformers

Hi, I'm away at sea now and have a few posts scheduled in my absence, however I'm sure 6thDegree and Lord Halfpenny will have some good posts coming up until I get back. (Lord Halfpenny - post something, anything ;) I know you've done stuff!)

In my ongoing fight against the dull grey monotony of grey plastic scenery, this year I vowed to paint some of my stuff. So far it has gone well. Here is my latest offering, made from a couple of "Batchelors Pot Shots" noodle pots and some city ruins and some gubbins. A nice LoS blocking piece and simple to make. The raised earth around the bases is modelling clay. I used car primer to paint these, nice Mechanicum red and actually sticks the the surface, GW sprays just cracked and peeled off this plastic.
The primer was washed with Devlan Mud, dry brushed with some Macharius Orange and Boltgun Metal (Leadbletcher). Base was my usual Calthan Brown, dry brushed Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone and some green flock for spot colour.

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  1. Dare I ask which brand of noodle pot? Don't think I have seen any quite like that, and would love to replicate this for my own collection.


  2. Yes mate,

    Batchelors Pot Shots. Google Pot Shots Noodles and loads of pics come up with labels and varieties.

  3. Where did you get the admec symbol?

  4. Hi, Ad Mech symbol was from a Cities of Death building tile, and cut out from the surrounding wall pieces.


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