16 Jul 2013

Necron Colour Scheme - newest and best

I have battled with how I wanted the Necrons to be painted for some time now, hence why I haven't painted the boxes and boxes of them I have... The Necron Destroyer was changed, the carapace Necron Abyss Blue and gold transfers applied and it was a good scheme... but the gauss colour of blues as well just didn't pop or grip me. But I think I've cracked it... this is Red gauss energy and it's easy to do (important), looks good enough for me and as my next post will show (hint above - what's he standing on??) suits the blue carapace and golds.

This guy has now been changed 3 times, I think I'm finally happy with my scheme and ready to swell the unliving metal ranks with Legion of Necrons...

The metal coincidentally is Army Painted Platemail (like GW Chainmail), washed with Devlan Mud and Badab Black and highlighted with a little Chainmail.

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