24 Jul 2013

Necrons - Doom Scythe / Night Scythe Flyer

So I hinted with my last Necron post about the finalised colour scheme and how I am still using the Blue (Necron Abyss) colour carapace and now a new red for gauss energy.  Here is my latest offering dear readers, a Necron Night Scythe / Doom Scythe, shown above as a Doom Scythe.
The side profile of this craft is very 'Independence Day' and looks great. The colour scheme came about through functionality, I can spray the near completed craft completely silver and double wash (Devlan Mud and Badab Black) before any detailing and finally add the two blue pieces once painted too.
The addition of a few well placed transfers adds loads I think, maybe pilot name or honours?? Who knows if the pilots are sentimental? Ha. This scheme also leaves it easily open to adapt for the next craft, maybe more blue panels - or totally blue? Maybe to differentiate between Doom and Night Scythe's?
Here's a close up, a simple controls detailing and the lens panel was added after it was painted to make it easy. The Death Ray (great name) fits without glue and is interchangeable with the wormhole from the Night Scythe.
I added some simple rocks for some minor detail to break up the expanse of the base, plan is to add one or two spare Scarabs later on, or trophies from it's future battles.
Here is a close up of the Night Scythe trans dimensional Worm Hole thingy....
Thanks for reading, hope you like.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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