30 Jul 2013

Chaos Daemons Decimators WIP

Hi one and all,

A quick update to show you my current WIP- 'the twins' my 2 Decimators. The moment I saw the models I knew I had to have at least one in my force, I like the overall look and feel of them- also their rules are pretty handy- plus they have a variety of wargear options. Straight away I knew this would be a project involving magnets, I wanted to have all the weapon options available.

I will do a post (I'd call it a magnet masterclass- but I'm no expert..) later on to explain how I magnetised the weapons, but briefly I have magnetised them in such a way that all options are interchangeable with both decimators, and have pinned them so that the torsos rotate, and are also interchangeable.

 I opted for a black armour appearance for both of them, as a way of having them appear 'chaos' without a colour that defines a set god- the plan is to have the paint the 2 faces on each model- one on the left leg, the other on the arm tom a set god- (red for khorne, green nurgle etc)
 I've also gone for a simple bronze edging on the armour plating, and boltgun metal for the interior wires/piping etc-the weapons were kept simple also, with a scheme to match the rest of the model.

 Once these are finished I'll upload the final results..

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