6 Aug 2013

How to Magnetise Decimators Arms

Hi all,

Just a quick follow-up post about how I magnetised the arms of my 2 decimators, so that I can swap them between each model.

This was my first dive into the world of magnetising a model, and to be honest I was a little hesitant to start with. I think it was the combination of the price of the model, and the potential issues if/when I when wrong..

I made a decision one evening on how I was going to tackle the arms, and just dived in!

I've got all of the weapon options (including 2 claws) all magnetised up- the butcher cannons aren't painted at all as the cannons were severely bent when I received them- and I need to re-do the cannons with a rod or similar.
To each arm a tiny earth magnet was added, around 3-4mm in diameter, firstly I drilled a hole into the same side of each arm, around 4mm wide, and 2mm deep for each magnet to fit in snuggly. This was done with the GW drill bit, then the whole widened with a knife (be careful- or ask an adult- I asked my wife to supervise me...) Prior to each magnet being glued in place, I checked the polarity of each magnet was the same.

I then glued another earth magnet- this time a 5mm diameter, 1mm wide into the arm receiving bracket- again the polarity was checked using the arms to make sure it was facing the correct way. This was repeated for each arm bracket. (At this stage be careful not to damage the two recieving brackets- these might break at this stage if you aren't careful- I did this once, it it was a pain to glue back into place.)

I then drill into the weapon mount, and added a piece of paper clip- again this was glued into place- this would be used to prevent the arm from 'spinning' when magnetised- the weapons would point down without this. I then painted the top of the clip, and marked on the arm bracket were to drill into to accept the clip. I repeated this for each weapon. This stage is important to check you are happy with how the weapons 'sit in place'

I hope this makes sense- and please feel free to use these points!  

Hopefully my decimators will be finished soon to post the results...

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  1. Great idea thanks. Gonna do this for my decimator for sure. Cheers.


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