22 Feb 2016

Relictors Battle Company On Parade - all miniatures to date - Feb 2016

Ask and you shall receive, a good blogger buddy Zzzzzz commented recently that he would like to see a 'family shot' of the Relictors, and I thought why not ;)
This is the entire Relictors 5th Battle Company I have to date, significantly larger than the previous shot back in Jun 2009 as seen below.
Unfortunately I cannot still accept this Battle Company as finished as I have four members of the Command Squad still to do! But even when they are done, I'll keep expanding as I see fit. Now some close ups of sorts...
Command Razorback, Linebreaker Vindicators and the Battle Company Devastator Squads
Marneus Relicgar - Chapter Master of these Relictors! You may also recognise Vulkan He'stan, and Pedro Cantor and Tyberius the Red Wake and the recent Shadow Captain Solaq.
The Chaplaincy and Librarian Enclave and a Damocles Command Rhino and a Tactical Squad from the 4th Company
The core of the 5th Battle Company, 6 Tactical Squads and Rhinos
Some of the Heavy Support elements
A few more of the Master of the Forge's (on bike) Armoury
Drop Pods (urrgh... painting them) and Dreadnoughts and the two 5th Battle Company Assault Squads
The Company Scouts
My lone Bike Squad - these will be added too soon...
The Centurions
First Company Terminators and Sternguard - I have expansion plans for both too...
Air Support elements

There you have it, my Relictors miniatures so far. I am adding to these as and when I can. And the above doesn't include my Mechanicus forces, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Daemons, Assassins, Legio Astorum Titans or the fledgling Tau... Ha Ha. I'll need a bigger room soon!

Hope you like ;) Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Aww Siph I love posts like this - seeing the dedication and commitment that someone puts into making a huge collection like this is inspiring! Especially to someone like me who's the worst hobby butterfly you can imagine, I've never finished a space marine collection and have recently decided to sell off a proportion of my collection and start again with new models (some of my existing minis are ancient). Hopefully this will see me put together a consistently painted, coherent collection that I can add to steadily for years to come and if I can have a battle company done like this then I'll be a happy man!

  2. Outstanding! I love seeing 'em all ranked up, that's some serious dedication. Awesome work, man!

  3. Emperor Almighty! Awesome army you've got there, and it's great to see that you were able to keep the same scheme across all of them.

  4. Amazing work Siph. I've been back in the hobby for about 8 years now and I can't believe how little I've done in comparison. How do you not get sick of painting the same scheme?

  5. Holy WOW mate - that is mighty impressive. Great stuff - must have been a good feeling laying all that out.

  6. Thanks everyone! I never get bored of painting Codex Grey Relictors, they are my go to scheme when I fancy painting something easy. Just Codex Grey (Dawnstone), washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Fortress Grey (Administratum Grey). Simple effective battle worn appearance, easy to replicate I guess is the key.

    And yes it did feel good getting them all lined up, it was the putting away back into the display cabinets under the games table which was a pain ;) and seeing what I want to do next - more bikes, Termies and Sternguard... I still have a massive to-do pile and the final 4 members of the Command Squad too!!

  7. Great work Siph. Looking forward to seeing this progress with you elites!

  8. Cheers Col H, cheers Tripwire, yep, a few!

  9. Excellent ! Many thanks for indulging an old man. I do love to see Epic28 armies.

    From what I know of SM armies, that is a remarkably balanced force; that's what comes of building an actual military unit instead of list building, one might suppose...

    I do love the characters and generous sprinkle of FW, but my absolute favourite has to be the pig iron headed biker scouts.

    What I've got at the back of my mind now is that the Black Templars of reasonableness don't get on well with the heretical Relictors. I'm gonna need more Templars of reasonableness....

  10. No Probs Zzzzzzz. Yes you need more! I love those heads too, so I have another five for a squad of long-range scouts on heavier 'normal' scout bikes with loads of saddle packs and stowage.

  11. hey, what mat is that underneath?

  12. Trip, it's a Gamemat.eu mat. Check out their website, do a decent range.

  13. http://www.devos4.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/the-brothers-of-lostwithial.html

    Yep. I definitely need more. No AT, no AAA, no real'fast attack'. And a BT Castellian is half of the points cost of Strike Captain John Craven.

    But HRMC have just robbed me of a tidy sum, so the BT will just have to make do with oaths and bloody mindedness. Business as normal, then.

  14. I added you to my blogroll. Our Space Marines are like twins separated at birth and have just found out about each other.


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