1 Feb 2016

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #14 - Head

Hello Titan Enginseers, the build is almost complete now, awaiting arm choices from FW, but painting will commence soon. I'll post a compilation post for all of these WIP posts so avid Titan Builders can access all the posts together.  So, I bought an Alpha Head with the titan, and got a Beta Head from WHW, so these will be interchangeable. I can't make up my mind which looks better, so I'll continue the build with the original head for now.

The parts simply glue and clamp together, for ease of access for painting I have not glued the neck piece yet. Firstly the base plate Floor and the two Face Plate sides, then I let these dry.
After the first three were dry, I added the Cockpit 'wall' side pieces, pictured with the Rear Hatch clamped in place to ensure the correct fit, but I am leaving this off for painting inside.
To allow the titan to swap heads, I inserted a magnet in the Rear Hatch piece, these were 7mm x 4mm and have sufficient strength to hold the head upright.
Here is a test fit with the magnets, neck attached to the head with sticky-tack.
I drilled a hole for the Torso magnet and using the Rear Hatch magnet attached to the Torso Magnet, inserted it into place in the Torso and waited for the epoxy to dry overnight. This ensured a correct hold and position as well as polarity!
For the Cockpit roof, I inserted two tiny 2mm x 2mm magnets into the Head and Roof to enable access to the cockpit details once painted but to hold in place also.
As you can see, the hold is sufficient to keep the roof in place even when turned upside down. The crew will be painted separately and the Power Cables left off for ease of painting.

So, a simple update. I will post a photo of the Titan consstructed so far and a compilation of all the posts soon. Hopefully some people will find this step-by-step useful in tackling their builds. Cheers, Siph.

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  1. I'm working on my Warlord as well and the magnet spots you used were perfect. Thank you for the idea.


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