5 Feb 2016

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #15 - Ready for Painting

Hi Titan Builders, I have taken the build as far as I can as a WIP log needs to be construction wise. All that is left is adding the Armour Plates to the mounts and the eight supporting ankle piston assemblies, but they will not be done until the superstructure is painted.

Here is what I will be aiming for, something like this. Check out a recently finished Legio Astorum Warlord of a blogger buddy GunGrave at his blog A Guardsmans Guide To Glory

So, here is the Titan in all it's part-built glory. Fear not, I will post my progress as I attempt the painting, however as a helpful guide to Construction, I think 15 posts will give you all the tips and hints and process you could want, so I'll draw a line under the WIP Construction with a link-back post on Monday detailing all the WIP stages as a handy reference post to bookmark into your browsers for when you attempt the beast!
Marine shown for scale...
He really is tiny... the Marine, not Dominus Victoria !!!
Titan's really are 'Chicken Legs' until they get all the mass of Armour Plating around the ankles to give that classic flared look Marines have too.
And all the bits of the under-structure ready for painting, wish me luck with the airbrush... I will let you know how I get on with update posts and more hints and tips if I come across any difficulties in mounting the armour plates, but JB Plastic Weld really is your friend. Buy it. It's not brittle like superglue and doesn't need pins (I just did them for my own peace of mind).

Now, what arms should I buy... I will definitely get one Bellicosa Volcano Cannon, I like the look of the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator but don't know if four S9, AP2 templates is a worthy replacement for a 7in D template... and the Titan Power Claw, nice with inbuilt Vulkan Mega Bolter, but a Warlord in CC is seriously wrong... but rule of cool, I have one for my Reaver, so maybe.

I hope you have found this tutorial series a handy go to reference for your builds, if I help one person complete theirs, it is worth it. Welcome to the Collegia Titanica Princeps. Cheers, Siph

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  1. If I ever manage to afford one, I'll definitely be coming here for guidance!

  2. Sweet Tzeentch those things defy logic. So much resin! Fair play to you. Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  3. That is a cool pose, Purposefully striding towards the enemy. Looking forward to paint.

    1. Oh, and get proper airbrush paint. I like Vallejo best but GW and FW is good two. What set up do you have?

  4. Ive just ordered some FW blue and yellow and the clear variety too. As for airbrush I have a AS-18 compressor with reservoir for constant flow. Not sure of the actual brush, will need to experiment before painting

  5. (Excited happy clapping ensues!)

    looking good there matey! Now the real slog begins! (But it's also the most fun part I think)

  6. Cannot wait to see the painting process on this. Unbelievably jealous.


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