30 Oct 2013

Shadows of Brimstone – Kickstarter

Hi all – I thought I would throw this up on the blog in case anyone is interested.

Shadows of Brimstone is a new dungeon-crawler tabletop game by Flying Frog Production (the guys behind the excellent Last Night on Earth). It is a miniature and card based cooperative horror game that is set in the Wild West - with players creating characters based on classic western stereotypes. A new dark element has been found in the nearby mines which has opened portals to other worlds and is mutating the local wildlife.

The aim of the game is to explore the randomly generated mines and fight whatever lurks within. Players can then link games together into campaigns; visiting the local town to trade and level up before the next game.

Apparently Flying Frog had so much content for this game that they have released two core sets as well as a ton of extras including extra characters, enemies, expansion packs and cards.
The game is already funded and has raised almost $500K from nearly 1.8K backers after only a few days. I have backed at the $150 level which gets me both core games and all the stretch goals they unlock – which is currently standing at two dozen extra character and enemy minis, additional cards and terrain and expansion packs…and that’s after just a few days’ worth of goals! At this rate I am going to be getting a lot of stuff!

What I will say is take a look at their game and pledge levels – I think the $150 pledge is great value for what you are getting…but I would steer well clear of the comments, which have been taken over by a dozen or so ‘backers’ who have been moaning (literally) every minute since launch and under the pretense of the greater good (come on people – take a look at what’s on offer, decide for yourself if it is something you want to back and vote with your wallet…). Those few people have now created a really air of negativity and I hope any prospective backers are able to look past it and support what I hope is going to be a great game.

28 Oct 2013

Relictors Stalker AA Tank

Well, I am away again at sea - so in the meantime here is a few pics of the latest offering completed before I departed.  A Relictors Space Marine Stalker Anti-Air Tank. I love the model and the rules, much needed AA for the Codex Marines! I chose the Stalker over the Hunter as I love the idea of a 'WW2 Flak Tank' in the 41st Millennium, so here it is in it's glory.
Mean looking rhino don't you think - love the multi-barrelled Stalker Autocannons, and either TL or fire at two separate flyers with a BS2 penalty makes it versatile. Against a Stormraven, I'd recommend the other Hunter as it is S7 Armourbane and if misses, next turn it has another chance to seek-and-destroy. So, I'll get one of those next!
Finally, for those wondering, it is magnetised so the guns rotate. And if you wanted - from one kit, youcan easily magnetize the Hunter or Stalker parts for either on a single chassis - the only part that is required for both weapon ounts is the small aerial assembly - otherwise you can have both weapons from one boxset. I sold my Hunter bits on ebay for a tidy amount that will go towards the next Hunter/Stalker model!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back in due course with some more Relictor and Necron goodies. Take care.

24 Oct 2013

Blog Wars 6 – Iron Warriors List

So I will once again be carrying the Weemen flag into the breach that is Blog Wars. The Tournament Organiser, Alex, has now approved lists so I thought I would post mine up and let people know what they are in for…

Abaddon (my only feasible choice really...)
10x CSMs (Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Lascannon)
Rhino (Havoc Launcher)
10x CSMs (CCWs & BPs, Power Axe, Plasma Gun, Autocannon)
Thino (Havoc Launcher, Dirge Caster)
5x Terminators (Lightning Claw, 4x Power Fists, Reaper Autocannon, Cambi-Melta, Combi-Plasma)
Helbrute (Reaper Autocannon, Missile Launcher)
Fast Attack
Heldrake (Baleflamer)
Vindicator (Combi-bolter)
5x Havocs (2x Missile Launchers, 2x Flakk Missiles, 2x Autocannons)
3x Obliterators (MoN)
Aegis Defence Line (Quad Autocannon)

So really it is the same list as I took to BW5, except I have dropped the Forgefiend and Comms Relay for a Vindicator, additional Rhino and Quad Autocannon. This wasn’t because of my unexpect4d success at BW5 (2nd overall…still very random…) but because I haven’t had chance to add much to my army in the past 6 months; I am looking at introducing more Heresy units and IA are not allowed in Blog Wars.
I love the Forgefiend model (mine is one of my proudest paint jobs…), but the potential of the 3x S8 AP2 blasts are just never realised…either because it is blasted apart T1/T2 or it misses…a waste of 200pts. I’m hoping that the Vindicator will be slightly more durable…we’ll see.
The Comms Relay always seems useful, but to be honest, I very rarely needed it; Reserves are much easier to bring in now and if anything, I only ever used it to delay them a turn. On the other hand, a Quad Autocannon adds even more firepower to an already *relatively* shooty list and gives me another Skyfire/Interceptor option if I need it.

Having a look at the list breakdown that Alex has posted over on From the Fang, I think it is going to be a very interesting tournament…a lot of Nids (who amusingly I have never actually played against) and a distinct lack of Tau’dar or other nasty allies combos that I was dreading….we’ll have to see how it goes on the day…

21 Oct 2013

A few bits of Terrain

Hi guys – I just thought I would throw up some pics of a mini terrain project I have been working on.
A few months back I entered a Kill Team tournament at my local club and they awarded additional tournament points for bringing along some terrain to play with (the club has their own terrain, but not really enough for the amount required for a Kill Team tournament). Points were also awarded for bringing cake/goodies…both very good ideas IMO…
I’ve had an idea for an IW themed game board for a while now; trenches and temporary bunkers running across half of the board and the edges of a fortification that is being battered. I could make it but I have two problems right now; a) I have no room in my house to store it without it being damaged and b) I don’t actually play at my house… I thought I would use this opportunity to test out making some trenches and battlefield debris.
It was all made very basically; some wooden boards for bases and polystyrene shaped with a jr. hacksaw blade (I don’t have a polystyrene cutter and its better than using Stanley/scalpel blades). It was then sealed with PVA, rocks/walls coated in all-purpose-filler and sand added. I used balsa to make the planks in the trenches, old sprue for spikes and random spares I had lying around.
They were finally painted up to match my IW bases.  Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out and now I just wish I had the room to make a full sized board.

14 Oct 2013

Relictors 4th Company Tactical Squad - New Plastics

Well, I've had a lot of Tactical Marines done and didn't need anymore, however the new GW Tactical Squad is the only place to get the greatly sought after Grav Weapons, so, with a stroke of genius, here is the first member of a 4th Company Squad... I've already got all 6x 5th Company Tactical Squads painted up.  He can be identified as 4th Company by the green trim of the Shoulder Pauldrons - 5th Company to date all have Black trims.
The real reason to post is to have a quick look at the new plastics - no doubt at all that the newer GW plastics are a lot more crisp and sharp and great when compared to the old - look at the above legs - they are old tactical marines, the top half ofthe figure is newer... crisper and sharper. Forget the tardiness of the leg paintjob, the newer plastics are superior. There is a lot of disappointment online that they were released the same, except additional Grav Weapons etc. John at 40K Hobby Blog mentioned it too 'here', but I agree with him. It's a good thing.
And for the Grav Weapons and this firing pose 'up on aim' alone it is a good thing to go buy the new GW Tactical Squad! I love the new Grav Weapon, the Combi Grav abd the fact that the hands are separate to the wrists. My painting is also improved ;) And I added the '4' to the knee pad!  Well, GW gets some stick - but the new release of a Tactical Squad to replace the old Tactical sprue is worth it in my view, the older moulds were getting worn and losing the details, plus the new injection magic they must have makes the newer models crisp. I am a fanboi, but the results show it was worth a new release.

10 Oct 2013

Relictors Centurion Devastator Squad Finished

Finally I have finished the other squad members of the Relictors Centurion Devastator Squad. These models have grown on me quite a bit and were fun, although took ages, to paint. They are packed with details and an part constructed methodology I think is best. I constructed the body, legs and arms as one piece, guns, pipes, head, both sets of shoulder guards, groin armour and pistons separately.

I've also added an Aquila above the Sergeant's head to give him some more height when compared to the other two. That was not there in the last post about him. I think they look good together, somewhat better than I was expecting - they don't scream 'teletubbie' Marines to me anymore!
Here is the two remaining troopers in all their freshly painted glory. I think I did a good job on the Grav-Amp lens, again these are packed with detail, I was even tempted to use some of the spare honour markings in the box to cover the one remaining knee armour on the right-hand marine! But, instead, I left at least one armour plate bare.
Thanks for stopping by. Right, where is that Stalker tank... should only take as long as one of those did!?

8 Oct 2013

Alternative Heavy Weapons Battery? New UK Plastics Company - PDC Gaming

I recently backed a successful Kickstarter campaign and the plastics company are based just up the road from me, so when I saw that they were doing 'combi-weapon' style plastic weapons, I was sold and backed - who wants to pay ebay prices for a combi-weapon?!
They were also doing a tracked weapon as pictured above, too small for a Thunderfire but ideal for maybe Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams or as an alternative to Forgeworld Rapier Batteries. I have three FW Heavy Bolter Rapiers and love them, I love the snub nose lethality of them and wouldn't change them, however if I want some Laser Batteries, then maybe these will make a great cheap alternative!
Not as detailed as FW resin, but good enough for the table top. This is the weapon carriage sprue, no flash, good moulds and plastic slightly more brittle than GW plastics. Slightly tougher to file but good stuff.
This is a 28mm miniature portable Heavy Weapon Sprue, makes a variety of weapons like FW Legion Heavy Weapon Squads, again not as detailed but good for table top.
The combi-style weapons, plenty of them too!
And finally, the company themselves, good luck to them. Plastic toys indeed for my plastic weemen. Nice additions.

4 Oct 2013

Relictors Devastator Centurion Sergeant

Hello avid readers, thanks for stopping by. Here is my latest offering and addition to the ever growing Relictors Battle Company! I know I should just get on with the remaining Command Squad and be done, but new rules, new models and new Codex means more new shiny bits of kit for the armoury!
This Sergeant is armed with the Grav Amp seen here, and a rather pleasing lens effect I thought.
...And a very much sought after Grav Cannon. I tried to do something different with the muzzle - bronze effect so it stands out but no charcoal burnt effect as it is a gravity enhancing weapon, not a chemical 'burn' type, this will also mean that the various Grav type weapons amongst the line troops - Grav Gun and Combi-Grav Bolters and Pistols will be easily distinguishable from the other boltgun, pistol or special weapons I already had. The green energy drum-thingy will also help a lot too. My plasma guns have a blue energy.
I chose to simply decorate the shoulder pad with the Devastator marking as well as front and back Relictor skulls, and left the left-pauldron blank with the exception of the Centurion badge - done in Boltgun Metal as the Terminator Crux on my Termies is also metallic.
And finally, the chest mounted Missile Launcher, with yellow missiles to tie in with my Whirlwind and Deathwind Missile Pod missiles, to be common across the army. The skull-like head is from Anvil Industries and is painted similar to one of my Assault Marine Squads with similar grimacing heads. And the pose of this centurion is the most static, I managed to get some movement out of the remaining squad members, but the Sergeant can stand still and direct their fire with the pointing gesture nicely.
Here is a size comparison of normal Power Armour, Terminator Armour, Centurion Exo-Armour and a Dreadnought. Great stuff, can't think why GW didn't have one of these shots in the WD? Nevermind, thanks for reading, I am progressing with the rest of the Squad, and a Stalker AA Tank...
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