21 Oct 2013

A few bits of Terrain

Hi guys – I just thought I would throw up some pics of a mini terrain project I have been working on.
A few months back I entered a Kill Team tournament at my local club and they awarded additional tournament points for bringing along some terrain to play with (the club has their own terrain, but not really enough for the amount required for a Kill Team tournament). Points were also awarded for bringing cake/goodies…both very good ideas IMO…
I’ve had an idea for an IW themed game board for a while now; trenches and temporary bunkers running across half of the board and the edges of a fortification that is being battered. I could make it but I have two problems right now; a) I have no room in my house to store it without it being damaged and b) I don’t actually play at my house… I thought I would use this opportunity to test out making some trenches and battlefield debris.
It was all made very basically; some wooden boards for bases and polystyrene shaped with a jr. hacksaw blade (I don’t have a polystyrene cutter and its better than using Stanley/scalpel blades). It was then sealed with PVA, rocks/walls coated in all-purpose-filler and sand added. I used balsa to make the planks in the trenches, old sprue for spikes and random spares I had lying around.
They were finally painted up to match my IW bases.  Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out and now I just wish I had the room to make a full sized board.

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  1. Hi, I really like the look of these, could you let me know how you painted them?

    I had a search in your Iron Warriors posts for how you did your bases but must have missed it. Thanks.


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