24 Oct 2013

Blog Wars 6 – Iron Warriors List

So I will once again be carrying the Weemen flag into the breach that is Blog Wars. The Tournament Organiser, Alex, has now approved lists so I thought I would post mine up and let people know what they are in for…

Abaddon (my only feasible choice really...)
10x CSMs (Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Lascannon)
Rhino (Havoc Launcher)
10x CSMs (CCWs & BPs, Power Axe, Plasma Gun, Autocannon)
Thino (Havoc Launcher, Dirge Caster)
5x Terminators (Lightning Claw, 4x Power Fists, Reaper Autocannon, Cambi-Melta, Combi-Plasma)
Helbrute (Reaper Autocannon, Missile Launcher)
Fast Attack
Heldrake (Baleflamer)
Vindicator (Combi-bolter)
5x Havocs (2x Missile Launchers, 2x Flakk Missiles, 2x Autocannons)
3x Obliterators (MoN)
Aegis Defence Line (Quad Autocannon)

So really it is the same list as I took to BW5, except I have dropped the Forgefiend and Comms Relay for a Vindicator, additional Rhino and Quad Autocannon. This wasn’t because of my unexpect4d success at BW5 (2nd overall…still very random…) but because I haven’t had chance to add much to my army in the past 6 months; I am looking at introducing more Heresy units and IA are not allowed in Blog Wars.
I love the Forgefiend model (mine is one of my proudest paint jobs…), but the potential of the 3x S8 AP2 blasts are just never realised…either because it is blasted apart T1/T2 or it misses…a waste of 200pts. I’m hoping that the Vindicator will be slightly more durable…we’ll see.
The Comms Relay always seems useful, but to be honest, I very rarely needed it; Reserves are much easier to bring in now and if anything, I only ever used it to delay them a turn. On the other hand, a Quad Autocannon adds even more firepower to an already *relatively* shooty list and gives me another Skyfire/Interceptor option if I need it.

Having a look at the list breakdown that Alex has posted over on From the Fang, I think it is going to be a very interesting tournament…a lot of Nids (who amusingly I have never actually played against) and a distinct lack of Tau’dar or other nasty allies combos that I was dreading….we’ll have to see how it goes on the day…


  1. I don't understand the inclusion of Abby in your list - can you explain the reasoning?

  2. Don't worry - I completely understand your questioning - I would normally never include him (or any CSM characters...). Part of the Blog Wars tournament rules is that you have to include a special character - which is then scoring and counts as additional VPs. It puts a good spin on the tournament as you have to choose whether to go for an expensive uber character to try and use or go for a cheap one and hope they don't die.
    Looking at my options, the other CSM characters don't really fit my army - so Abaddon it is.

  3. I loved playing you 1st game last time- a tough game for us both (I can't kill terminators without using my whole army!) looking forwRds to seeing you again! We will be there Friday if you like?luke

  4. Yup - that was by far he toughest game of the tournament for me...just cant handle tons of IG it seems...

    I'm prob just going to be down on the Saturday - although I do work nearby so will swing over on the Friday if I can.


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