25 Feb 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - blog post compilation

Hi all - to finish off this series of blog posts (until I get better pics or have a game with the Warhound) I thought I would compile the links to all 18 of the the posts in chronological order to a) hopefully help out anyone else looking to tackle this sort of project and b) so I can easily find and remember how to build my second Warhound when I finally get on to that project.
Starting the Warhound project
Building the Feet
Two Warhound Titans!
Building the Legs
Building the Torso
Interchangeable Weapons
Painting the Torso interior
Finishing the Torso interior painting
Painting the Armour Panels
Painting the Legs
Finishing the Torso and Head build
Painting the Head
Painting the Carapace
Finishing the Torso
Attaching the Torso
Plasma Blastgun
Vulcan Mega Bolter
Canis Ferrum lives - the finished Warhound

Hope you find it useful and it inspires you to tackle your own Titan project - looking at you LordH!

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  1. Might be old news, but I would really like to know what colours you used for the black and red armour plates. I want to create a Mortis chaos warhound as well, and base it off your colour scheme. I'm a loss which colours will be the red and black you used. Thanks!


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