21 Feb 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - Canis Ferrum is alive!!!!!

Well, its been the biggest (geek) project I have ever undertaken, coming in at over 3 months (starting on 05/11/2014 and finishing on 18/02/2015) worth of planning, prepping, building and painting, but the Chaos Warhound is finally complete! I kind of wish I had a mini bottle of champagne to launch it with...

I'm going to try and get some good photos taken when I can (its a bit too big for the normal A3 background and daylight bulb...), but I couldn't not share a few pics now could I???
 I'm really happy how she turned out in the end  - loads of care went into it and I only hope that if I can get her onto the tabletop she doesn't get blown to pieces in two turns (which tbh, is going to happen...).
I hope you like the name - was a bit of an easy choice and compliments Siph's Canis Bellum and Canis Praetor Warhounds. I think will also have to follow his lead on storage solutions...
So now that I have an empty hole in my life after only working on this for so long, I need to work out what to do next... I have lots of fun toys in the backlog, as well a pile of Dark Vengeance Cultists I ashamedly keep using despite them being unpainted...of course there is always the other Warhound...

Cheers, the6thDegree


  1. Congratz on finishing such a nice project. Your Warhound is lovely! I wish I had the courage to start building the one I got waiting for me for 6 months. I am so affraid to screw up building it.

  2. Flipping marvellous, love the details on this Warhounds, not an armoured panel without detail. You've done an excellent job and I look forward to a tutorial on yor plasma OSL and metal work.

    I'll kill that Warhound in one turn... Well I do have a Reaver plus two! Look forward to a match up soon.

  3. Fabulous looking warhound! Looks amazing- loved seeing all the parts coming together, stunning work!
    Time for me to start the reaver... ?

  4. Yes LH, you've only had it since 2009! Maybe it's about time now... 😉

  5. Nice work. I really like the overall look :)

  6. This has been a great project from start to finish. I've really enjoyed watching everything come together. Congrats on a beautiful model and a great job!


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