2 Feb 2015

Necron Army Progress So Far

Hello All, ;)  Just a quick update shot of where the Necrons lie so far, I am rather pleased how the scheme has turned out and now need to concentrate on some Immortals and a few more Annihilation Barges, maybe a Ghost Ark and a Command Barge... but I'll keep adding :)
And not forgetting the Apoc only Obelisk!


  1. Ooh - pretty target practice! We need a game soon!

  2. It's not apoc only anymore! New codex is AWESOME!

  3. Too true Greg, Too True! It is. I wrote this post before the release! Now I can use it, rather glad I made an Obelisk, I'll have to get another kit for the Transcendant C'Tan too!

  4. looks ace Siph- If only there was a handy Apoc Blast D weapon avaialble- that looks a like a perfect set up for a blast...

  5. Man those look cool all lined up together, rather nice to see those cool WHFB model do so well as Crypteks. Great stuff!


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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