9 Feb 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - Plasma Blastgun

With only the weapons left to paint up, I'm really on the home stretch now and even closer to the end of the project now that the first weapon is finished.
I was looking forwarding to painting the Plasma Blastgun; it was a chance to really throw a bit more colour onto the model and lighten it up a bit.

Painting-wise it was no different from the rest of the model and I used the same blue plasma-lighting effects so it ties in with the rest of my Iron Warriors army.
 A little tip - I covered the nut attached to the weapon in masking tape to make sure the paint didn't clog the threads and the weapon attaches to the arm smoothly.
Cheers, the6thDegree


  1. Absolutely glorious, looks so fantastic.

  2. That looks mad mate. The plasma glow and the hint of green on the front end are tops. Nice one

  3. That green on the tip is a really nice touch. What an epically glorious model! It's been a real treat reading these updates!


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