21 Feb 2011

Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought WIP

Ever since I saw Ron's FTW Rifleman Dred I've thought it looked proper cool and deserved to have a place in my Army.

I love the idea of 2 Autocannon S7 Twin-Linked shots (4 shots and re-roll) taking down Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines or transports or more importantly, enough strength to take down a Reaver's Void Shields (AV 12) on a roll of a 5-6.

So here is the progress so far. Guns just Boltgun Metal drybrushed.

Finished Pics here: Rifleman Completed

17 Feb 2011

Relictors Terminator Assault Squad II - Finished

So I have finally finished the Terminator Assault Squad with Lightning Claws to complement the first Terminator Assault Squad posted here. Now finally I can give Pornstarjedi as good as I get when he fields his Termies.This is the Sergeant from Space Hulk with a few alterations and greenstuff smoothing over unwanted icons and battle damage from those pesky stealers. Unpainted view here.

Last two pics are the rest of the Squad. I think I like the Blue Power Weapons look, it took ages to find a colour and method I was happy with and it's easy to do. Enchanted Blue basecoat, heavy Badab Black wash, drybrush with Enchanted Blue, then Hawk Turquoise and a final extreme highlight drybrush with 50:50 mix of Hawk Turquoise and Skull White.
Bigger pic of squad in sidebar Album 'Finished Relictors'>>>>>>>>>>

15 Feb 2011

Relictors Terminator Assault Sqd - WIP Update again

Nearly there with these guys. One more to finish then these will be the first i've completed this year. Wow! Progress has been slow with too many other distractions.

Working on another surprise for the weekend Apoc battle... a little bigger than a Termie but not a Titan by any means...

11 Feb 2011

Relictors Terminator Assault Squad - WIP Update

So, back from sea now and putting the finishing touches to more of this squad.
Only got 3 more arms to do before I'll post the whole squad together - only taken 6 months off and on. Damn real life getting in the way ;)
Off to Pornstarjedi's next weekend for an Apoc battle of extreme nasties - Reaver Honorum and Warhound Canis Bellum will be out to play and try not to get killed in the first turn like before!! Alas, Pornstarjedi will have other plans...

4 Feb 2011

Some Slow Progress

So I am still away at sea however, I have made some very limited progress. Something is better than nothing isn't it?

Looking forward to getting home soon and maybe having some time to weemen again...
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