17 Feb 2011

Relictors Terminator Assault Squad II - Finished

So I have finally finished the Terminator Assault Squad with Lightning Claws to complement the first Terminator Assault Squad posted here. Now finally I can give Pornstarjedi as good as I get when he fields his Termies.This is the Sergeant from Space Hulk with a few alterations and greenstuff smoothing over unwanted icons and battle damage from those pesky stealers. Unpainted view here.

Last two pics are the rest of the Squad. I think I like the Blue Power Weapons look, it took ages to find a colour and method I was happy with and it's easy to do. Enchanted Blue basecoat, heavy Badab Black wash, drybrush with Enchanted Blue, then Hawk Turquoise and a final extreme highlight drybrush with 50:50 mix of Hawk Turquoise and Skull White.
Bigger pic of squad in sidebar Album 'Finished Relictors'>>>>>>>>>>


  1. Outstanding job man, love the squad.

  2. Cheers Wildhermit, good luck with your Orks, IG, Necrons, Vendetta's etc etc. Resistance is indeed futile...

  3. Superb work mate, love how this force slowly keeps expanding!

    Any chance we could get a 'the army so far'-shot somewhere down the line, would love to see them all lined up!

  4. I had the entire force out this weekend for an Apoc battle with guard and titan support against Pornstarjedi Ultramarines, i'll see what I can do!

    Thanks for the comments and compliments guys. Now Hephesto - paint some more of yours!

  5. It's in the planning....along with world peace, getting the first Nobel Prize in Psychology and starting my own miniature compnay ;-)

    Seriously though,my Relictors will get more attention as soon as I make it through my mini-Inquisition force. Horus only knows how long that is going to take, particularly given my three jobs, teaching requirements and obligations and maybe even giving the whole relationship thing a shot. At the same time I refuse to give up on them, if it kills me I will get that Thunderfire Cannon sorted out in the next couple of months!


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