27 Apr 2020

Tutorial - How to paint Chaos Daemons - Daemonettes of Slaanesh

Hi all, thanks for dropping by. I was experimenting with some Contrast Paints and my next squad of Daemonettes of Slaanesh and had such a great result really easily I thought I'd do it again but share the step by step. My Daemonettes have darker skins than the box art for which there are many tutorials, but I like my alluring daemon sirens to be darker and match somewhat the previous squad 30Kplus40K Rob painted for me HERE.

I'm no Golden Demon artist, however this tutorial will give you a more than decent tabletop standard. The paints you will need are:
Daemonette Hide - Base
Magos Purple - Contrast
Shyish Purple - Contrast
Abaddon Black - Base
Eshin Grey - Layer
Dawnstone (Codex Grey) - Layer
Leadbelcher - Base
Nuln Oil - Shade
Retributor Gold - Base
Reikland Fleshshade - Shade
Screamer Pink - Base (or a hair colour of your choice)
Pink Horror - Layer (or a highlight of your choice)

Daemonette Hide over all the flesh and claw areas
Magos Purple all over the skin, claw and reptilian areas
When previous area is completely dry, use a small drybrush to highlight the smooth skin areas, leaving Magos Purple in the recessed areas, do the face at this stage catching the raised areas
The reptilian skin, lower legs and claws are given a coat of Shyish Purple, then removing the paint from the brush, feather the edges of these darker parts into the smooth skin areas next to them so you don't leave a straight line separation.

I love the effect this darker purple gives over the large hooked claw talon above, this is the main selling point for contrast paints, they give a natural highlight and shade, especially effective on organic type miniatures like Daemons.
Go over the leather, cloth and horn/claw areas with Abaddon Black. Also using a fine brush, add the eyes, black pupil-less eyes.
Highlight the leather, cloth and horn/spike/toe claw uppermost surfaces
Add a finer highlight to the leather, horn/toe claw and cloth areas, leaving some of the Eshin Grey visible. Also pick out any teeth at this stage if they are showing the fangs.
Any Armour plates and Corset trim and metal areas with Leadbelcher
Wash the metal areas with Nuln Oil
Use Retributor Gold for any ornaments or earrings and when dry wash the recess parts of the gold with Reikland Fleshshade.
Top off the model doing the hair with the colour of your choice, I'm using Screamer Pink.
Highlight the hair with a lighter base colour, I've highlighted the Screamer Pink with Pink Horror.
Finally, base to match the rest of your army. A quite quick and effective scheme, I was pleasantly surprised with the result and the speediness, I hope someone finds this useful.

Cheers, Siph.

24 Apr 2020

Terrain and Scenery - Objectives complete

Hello one and all,

I hope you are all keeping safe. I'm aiming to try a new tactic in fighting my 'to-do-pile', and that is to work on one project until completion, simple really.  I've aimed to get some terrain and objectives finished that I've had for years.


These objectives have been completed ready to be placed on the battlefield, first up is a selection of ammo, including 2 bombs and 3 ammo crates.
Next are two communications terminals and a Xeno statis chamber. I've added details to the monitors to show that the systems are still active. I really like the statis chamber - it has a clear plastic front to show the genestealer head thats locked inside it.
Up next is the onfield medic.. a very bizzare looking model, and one unlike any medic I've met! I may add a layer of 'blood for the blood god' on the table to add to the story of the medic..
Massive bomb.. Not much to say other than this is a huge bomb, I've painted the leads different colour - there is only 1 orange lead, as its always the orange that is cut to prevent bombs going bang... right?
 Drop Pod. The model has been painted a deep red, with a view of trying to make it appear 'bright' to be spotted. I am still looking for a option to add a pilot/body into the pod..

I've also completed several terrain piece sets, 2 were the same sets, and then a set from one of the 40k box sets.

Up first are 2 sets of the terrain which had tank traps, oil drums and ammo crates in it. I've painted the 2 sets the same so that I can link them together on the battle fieild. Agrax has been my friend to give them all a 'battlefield' finish.

 I also completed 4 shield generators from the battle of Macragge set from years ago. These I think will be used as terrain rather than any ingame use, however they could be used as a void shield generators?

 A really good few painting sessions to get these completed, and happy with the results. 

 Cheers, Lord Halfpenny  

10 points for 2 terrain sets
7 points, 1pt for each objective
2 points for shield generators

20 Apr 2020

Relictors Chapter Sternguard w/ Combi-Meltas

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. These fine Battle Brothers were an eBay job, re-painted and re-based in part, and modified to have a squad of 10 Combi-Melta Sternguard, for when you absolutely have to melt to slag that tank! Whether I will field 10x Combi Melta Sternguard is another question, however I have that choice now :)
The Sergeant nods towards his Dark Angel heritage, Relictors are from DA and UM genestock, and quite shady Chapter too, fighting Chaos with Chaos when the opportunity rises, meaning until recently they were Excommunicate Traitorus, only recently been accepted back into the fold by Roboute Guilliman, desperate times indeed.
I subtly changed some flamer nozzles back to Melta Gun barrels with the plastic combi-weapon barrels from the bitz box, you can see the size difference between the two, the plastic being slightly thinner.
The eBay job had a grey scheme laid down that was quite a good match, however to fit my scheme and standard I extensively tidied up the highlights, re-painted the leather pouches, grenades, weapons and heads. And generally tidied up the greys and trim and then re-based either on resin bases or fitted 32mm adapter rings to the existing 25mm bases. Other than a basecoat, these were pretty much re-painted and took longer due to the re-basing than if I started from scratch! But I loved the braziers and the squad look, and the bargain price too!
The second demi-squad is led by a Marine with a burning Brazier, taken from another miniature of the eBay lot, and pinned to the backpack. He can act as a Sergeant if indeed I run as two squads.
I also drilled out all the dual barrels for the entire squad, the helmets were re-painted bone colour to signify the Relictors Veterans - Dheneb Stone base, Ushabti Bone layer and Sepia wash with a final highlight of Dheneb Stone on the prominent crest.
These veterans have the converted side-skull of the Relictors Chapter badge, unlike the majority of the army which I cheated with and used the Skull decals from the SM Transfer Sheet. Its too long ago to go back and change 200+ marines, so these are unique in the army with the exception of the 4th Company Command Squad. They also sport the metal Crux Terminatus shoulder pauldrons to denote their veteran status and skills with the heavier Tactical Dreadnought Armour.
The brazier backpacks are converted using plastic backpacks with the stabilizer jet nozzles cut off and replaced with metal braizers.
And a shot of the entire tooled up squad. An excellent addition to the army if I want to have a Drop Pod Assault theme or something for a battle - these will make effective heavy armour hunters, or Aggressor hunters!

Cheers, Siph (10 points)

17 Apr 2020

Chaos Daemons - Daemon Prince(ss?) Conversion - WIP

Hello All!

I hope you are all well, and keeping safe. Up next on my chopping board, is a project I wanted to build, and convert. A daemon Prince based on the sisters Monument from the Battle Sanctum set.
I opted to build the daemon prince as if the monument is becoming a daemon - was he there all the time, or has the daemon possesed it? The model has had an arm swap, with the right arm from the normal DP set - the arm had to be cut down to fit in the space for the original arm, and to get the correct angle to make it look correct.
I also swapped the left foot for a  old Lord of Change foot - the model had been sat on my desk, and I won't get around to using it due to the release of the larger loC, thus the foot has hacked off! I had to add green stuff to extend the claw, as the foot was a right one, and I wanted it to appaer as a left - the addition of green stuff has added length to the claw so that it looks correct.
The head was the trickiest part, I wanted to retain the look of the head, but wanted to have some daemon form in the face. So, I hacked the face apart - the hair was cut away to use later. I opted to use a plastic daemon prince head from the kit, which was then shaved to be as thin at the back as possible, this was then glued to the 'head' of the monument, with the hair added around it to retain the look of the original piece. I then greenstuffed any gaps to finish the look.
I'm pretty happy with the overall look of the model, I want to add some spikes to the right shoulder to make it look more 'chaos' like.
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

13 Apr 2020

Relictors Primaris Intercessor Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for checking out the post. These are the first of my Primaris troop choices, finally after much protracted thinking and re-writing the GW fluff in their absence of why Relictors would have Primaris reinforcements.  Dan Harden, staff at White Dwarf, gave me the go-ahead advice, rule of cool overules rules...
The first one was a repaint of the fledgling Scythes of the Emperor I started and just didn't click, so I reverted to my beloved Relictors. I chose codex compliant colours for the Sergeant helmet, and I will be leaving the shoulder Pauldron trim as grey rather than Company colours as these will be Chapter generic not Company specific assets.
The first two troopers, I love the clean lines of the Primaris sculpts, they are quite easy to paint and refreshing. The right-hand Marine was also the other Scythe of the Emperor.
Nothing different with the remaining two Marines, done my usual Relictors scheme, Uniform Grey from Army Painter is a match for Codex Grey, now Dawnstone. Washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey.
Here is the squad on the battlefield, standard 'command arm' with the Sergeant, haha. I have the rest of the Dark Imperium box set to get through now I've finally committed to a scheme!

Cheers, Siph. (5pts - Troops)

10 Apr 2020

Terrain and Objective markers WIP

Hello all, I hope you are all staying safe.

On the painting slab at the moment are some terrain and objective markers which I've had for ages, and really wanted to complete.


Up first are the ammo crates, these have had a base of Death guard green, and then washed with Agrax. The support, as well as the various tank traps have had a boltgun base, with again, an agrax wash. These will get a final highlight to finish.


These objectives are from a full set produced by GW a while ago, including a control and comms unit, medical kit and a drop pod. These are slowly coming together, I am planning to have a number added to each piece to show the objective number.

Comms relay and alien holder- poor genestealer..
 I am lookng to potentially add a body to the drop pod..
 The command terminal.
thanks for stopping by! LH
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