3 Apr 2020

Adeptus Custodes - WIP

Hello one and all, I hope you are all staying safe.

I've started the build process of some further Custodes to add to my Adeptus Custodes force, in the space of some Custodian Wardens, a Shield Captain, a Vexilus Praetor and some Vertus Praetors.
For the Wardens I have yet to decide on the weapon choices, I think I will opt for a mixture of Guardian Spears and Castellan Axes for the unit, and potentially the Shield Captain will have a Guardian Spear as my other Captain has an Castellan Axe.
The Vertus Praetors will all be armed with Hurricane Bolters for maximum fire power!
Thanks for stopping by this short, and sweet post... hopefully more to come next week.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny


  1. Why does your camera make these all look like stumpy Dwarves?


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