27 Apr 2020

Tutorial - How to paint Chaos Daemons - Daemonettes of Slaanesh

Hi all, thanks for dropping by. I was experimenting with some Contrast Paints and my next squad of Daemonettes of Slaanesh and had such a great result really easily I thought I'd do it again but share the step by step. My Daemonettes have darker skins than the box art for which there are many tutorials, but I like my alluring daemon sirens to be darker and match somewhat the previous squad 30Kplus40K Rob painted for me HERE.

I'm no Golden Demon artist, however this tutorial will give you a more than decent tabletop standard. The paints you will need are:
Daemonette Hide - Base
Magos Purple - Contrast
Shyish Purple - Contrast
Abaddon Black - Base
Eshin Grey - Layer
Dawnstone (Codex Grey) - Layer
Leadbelcher - Base
Nuln Oil - Shade
Retributor Gold - Base
Reikland Fleshshade - Shade
Screamer Pink - Base (or a hair colour of your choice)
Pink Horror - Layer (or a highlight of your choice)

Daemonette Hide over all the flesh and claw areas
Magos Purple all over the skin, claw and reptilian areas
When previous area is completely dry, use a small drybrush to highlight the smooth skin areas, leaving Magos Purple in the recessed areas, do the face at this stage catching the raised areas
The reptilian skin, lower legs and claws are given a coat of Shyish Purple, then removing the paint from the brush, feather the edges of these darker parts into the smooth skin areas next to them so you don't leave a straight line separation.

I love the effect this darker purple gives over the large hooked claw talon above, this is the main selling point for contrast paints, they give a natural highlight and shade, especially effective on organic type miniatures like Daemons.
Go over the leather, cloth and horn/claw areas with Abaddon Black. Also using a fine brush, add the eyes, black pupil-less eyes.
Highlight the leather, cloth and horn/spike/toe claw uppermost surfaces
Add a finer highlight to the leather, horn/toe claw and cloth areas, leaving some of the Eshin Grey visible. Also pick out any teeth at this stage if they are showing the fangs.
Any Armour plates and Corset trim and metal areas with Leadbelcher
Wash the metal areas with Nuln Oil
Use Retributor Gold for any ornaments or earrings and when dry wash the recess parts of the gold with Reikland Fleshshade.
Top off the model doing the hair with the colour of your choice, I'm using Screamer Pink.
Highlight the hair with a lighter base colour, I've highlighted the Screamer Pink with Pink Horror.
Finally, base to match the rest of your army. A quite quick and effective scheme, I was pleasantly surprised with the result and the speediness, I hope someone finds this useful.

Cheers, Siph.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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