1 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan No.2 - Update WIP #2

Hello one and all,

I've started adding details to my Reaver Titan lower section - Brass around the hips and knees, and then the lower leg details that are hidden behind the armour plates. I have also started work on the back reactor portion.

The lower leg section has had the gold picked out and detailed. These have had a wash added, I will add highlights once the armour plates are added, to see where the highlights might be shown.
For the hips I first sprayed silver over a black base, then added a light amount of gold over this. Once dried, the whole area had a wash of Crimson, followed by a highlights. Then a second wash, this time with Agrax over the entire area. I then added some Nihlakh Oxide for the Verdigris. I've never tried this before, but am happy with the results- and will be going back to retrospecitively adding this to the other titans.
The back reactors have had stripes added to them, and then the gold trim added to it. I will be going back to touch ups as needed.
Steady progress, however, I can see the end of this project, breaking a titan into sections, and having them bagged as a little projects helps to prevent the entire model looking like one huge job. I've not even looked at the head yet, as I am waiting for my LED lights to arrive, before I even think about it.

Thanks for stopping by! LH

1 comment:

  1. Love the Verdigris on the brasswork, adds a lot. Great progress LH


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