15 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver No.2 - Update WIP #4

Hello All,

Anoher week with further progress on the Reaver Titan, as yet, unnamed, for Legio Crucius.

I've completed the build for the legs, with only details on the knee pistons and then a second coat of gold, then highlights on the gold trim remaining to be finished. The pelvis/Torso has been magnetised to allow them to be seperated for transport.
I have added holes to the shoulders to allow the arms to be bolted into position - this is the same process as my other Reaver, so I will be able to rotate the weapons around the two titans. The
shoulders will be fixed into position once the torso is completed.
The head is half way to completion, with the gold trim to be finished, and then onto the addition of the LED's.
Cheers - and thanks for stopping by! Lord Halfpenny


  1. The cog stands out a lot more in red, good choice.

  2. As for a name, “Primus Secutar” seems a good choice, a Reaver class that also fought alongside Hells Daughter and Astramos and the Hounds at Badab?

  3. The model is taking shape nicely.


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