8 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan No.2 - Update WIP #3

Hello one and all,

Another week, with steady progress with the Reaver.

This week I've added the shin armour plates, and pistons to the lower legs, The pistons will get an addition of silver to the ones that are visible. The trim needs to have a wash as well as highlights added to complete.
The knee armour plates have had the details picked out, The scroll work will have further coats to highlight the extreme edges, for the Mechanicus symbol I opted to have this in grey to stand out from the black/white checks.
The head has had checks added, as well as starting the gold trim, I need to start the process of drilling out the lens to add the LED's to the head.
Pretty happy with how the model is coming along! Cheers, LH

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