22 May 2020

Legio Crucius Reaver No.2 - Update WIP #5 - Nearly Complete

Hello one and all,

The Reaver, as of yet without a name, is almost complete. All but the weapons and 3 armour plates are left to add the final highlights to the gold trim, and then any additional details to be added, such as the heat marks to the weapons etc. and the scroll on the carapace. This will be painted exactly the same style as the knee plate.
The Carapace, the shoulder guards and the pelvis armour plates all display the same 2 thin black stripes on a white field.
I've drilled out a space for the nut/bolt to sit inside the shoulder guard, and then a smaller hole for a magnet, which will magnetise with the washer I'll have between the model and nut.
The main part to do to complete the titan is the addition of LED's to the head, I've got all the parts ready to go, and will be looking to do this as a guide for anybody wanting to add lights to their models.
Really happy with how this is coming together, the Reaver will either be used as a 'Dreadfire' Titan as per the old Epic version, or it can be armed with the various options I've already from my original Reaver Titan has.
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. A worthy addition to your mighty Maniple mate! The Warbringers will Walk soon!

  2. That thing is immense, in particular the chainfist.


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