30 Nov 2017

Legio Crucius Reaver Titan - WIP #19 - More Construction

Hi one and all,

More progress on the Reaver, this time with the legs.

I've glued in place the pistons and lower armour plates, I had thought after I should have done a stage by stage picture show of how I did this as its a pain! Basically the piston had a little glue added to the indent, and also into the hole where it sits, the bracket and the ankle support had glue applied. The armour piece was then positioned, with a set of tweezers used to pull the piston into place- as the piston needs to be slightly lower than intended to fit within the bracket.
Also this week I've added further washes to the knee join to make them more 'bronzed'. This will have a drybrush of bronze before a few washes of nuln oil. The joint space will be picked out with silver.
Thanks for stopping by, next week I am looking to have started with the toe pistons, and will look to have pictures of that as I go. Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

BTW - This week its Happy Birthday to Siph!

27 Nov 2017

Necron Tomb Stalker on Ruined Dreadnought Base

Hello All,

Thanks for clicking. Here is my latest addition to the ever growing Necron Dynasty, a Forge World Tomb Stalker on a ruined Space Marine Dreadnought base, very apt after completing in the recent Dreadtober 2017!
With a FW model of this size and complexity, you are free to make an interesting base for it, every segment is separate so there is quite a lot of flexibility in the pose, along with 24 legs to individually choose and position twenty of them, plus mandibles, secondary velocitators (little legs) and then the base itself.
I chose to keep the armoured segments a shiny clean look, with a little grime in the creases, but the legs and inner workings got the usual Necron greasy look, a wash with Agrax and Nuln Oil over AP Platemetal (like GW Runefang Steel) spray.
This other-world look of the high shine contrasts well with the blue of the dead Dreadnought, so I felt I could do without the usual Kantor Blue of my Necron scheme.
The Gauss was painted the same as my Warriors and the head Copper the same as all my Necron Constructs, I also added Copper capacitor coils on the Gauss weaponry, like the rest of the army.
I quite like the leering nature of the construct, bearing down on its next victim! I did think about adding a suitable fearing Techmarine, but ATSKNF meant he would have to be braced for attack and that would take away from the Stalker itself, this isn't a diorama after all.
I added some Necron Glyphs on one segment for interest, but chose to keep the carapace distinctly clean looking.
Here is the poor unfortunate long forgotten or abandoned, awaiting salvage, dead Dreadnought - the old metal Dreadnought which weighs a ton, I picked up cheap in a job lot (HERE) and certainly gives this model a hefty weight to it! I'll have to remember to pick it up via the Dreadnought, not the Stalker itself, otherwise I risk pulling it off the base! It's firmly attached by nine feet but the surface area is small.
Why Ultramarine? Well, I wanted the blue and Lord Halfpenny my blogger buddy is often my table top enemy with his vast UM Legion! Something for him to fight over! The last battle we had a Warhammer World involved these Necrons and his Ultramarines and Roboute Girlyman in a massive Fond Farewell to 7th Edition.

Thanks for reading, cheers, Siph.

24 Nov 2017

Necromunda Underhive Arrived!

Hi All, just a quick one to show what I'll be up to this weekend! Christmas or rather Birthday has come early in the Siph Horridus Hive... YEAH! Been waiting years for the relaunch of Necromunda, very excited to get a few gangs made and maybe rope in some unsuspecting persons to give it a try!?
First thing I saw was the very welcome return of Templates, 8th may be great and all, but these have been 40K staples along since I started, almost. I have the cardboard colour ones from 2nd still. Great stuff. And mmmm, the smell of fresh boxed sprues... love it!
Under the sprues, a handy card how-to guide for the two gangs included.
The terrain... not much but good for the basics of the game before I buy the supplement to use the original card buildings once more! Seen here: Getting Ready for Necromunda
Mmmm fresh tasty sprues... better pictures on GW pages and WintersSEO You Tube, check his unboxing out!
Hefty rulebook, special dice, lovely detailed bases to match the game board. Counters on punch card and plenty of game tiles and cards.
Wedge of game tiles, ruler and some baggies for the gang cards and stratagem cards.
Nine reversible game tiles. Makes a 3x3ft board.
Best bit here, blank ganger cards for all my other gangs!

Cool beans, thanks for drooling along with me and happy ganging! Siph. Well Chuffed.

23 Nov 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #18 - 'Compare the Reaver dot com'

Hi All.

Not much progress this week due to reasons IRL, so I was keen to compare the Reaver Titan to other 40k models I have recently painted and some are a nice size comparison... here are my results! Enjoy some hobby pictures.

Reaver Vs Magnus the Red
 Reaver TitanVs Roboute Guilliman
 Reaver Titan Vs Imperial Knight
 Reaver Titan Vs Yarrick and a Space Marine
 Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon vs Marine
 Knee Pad Vs Marine
As you can see the Reaver kit is sizable, and has taken a load of time and planning to get to this stage. I'm definitely thinking a Warlord in 2018 could be a fun project... Maybe.

Hope you enjoyed this size comparison album, Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

20 Nov 2017

Assassin Execution Force Complete - Vindicare Assassin

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping in. Following on from the Callidus Assassin, the Eversor Assassin and the Culexus Assassin I bought ages ago, here is the final Assassin of the Execution Force - well, this one isn't, this is an old metal Vindicare I painted myself recently.

I never got a copy of the Assassin Execution Force game on release however, plenty of assassin models appeared on eBay shortly after and now they get their own blister packs. I didn't want to fund the money grabbing greedy re-sellers at the time, so I bought a pre-painted decent set from an artist/hobbyist instead. But, I preferred the older Vindicare to the newer one sulking behind a ruin, my Vindicare can hide in plain sight!

I re-based him using a 32mm adapter, I did a monochrome scheme all over, and then furnished with a few bits of colour to bring the scheme to life, a too realistic monochrome scheme wouldn't really pop.
And here is the Execution Force in all it's full deadly glory. I think they look great. Thanks for dropping in and having a look-see. Cheers, Siph.

16 Nov 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #17 - Slow and Steady

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks for popping by, another week, another Reaver post.

I'm slowly making progress with the edging the armour plates, there is a load of armoured trim to be completed. I'm really liking the look of the white/black with the gold trim.
I've also started putting the leg armour plates together to check the fit- the feet will be glued into position once the pistons are in place first.
 The cod piece coming along nicely.
The lower leg plates have only had one coat of gold, still another to go before washes and a highlight. The armour is tacked into place here - which is why it looks a little 'elephant' like.
 Standing Reaver without arms.
 And weapons loaded! Really happy so far with the build.

Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

13 Nov 2017

After Dreadtober - Size Comparison Deredeo Dreadnought

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, only a quick one today, I'm busy painting a few things but HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) means nothing is finished, so here is a size comparison between the family of Dreadnoughts I have, no Redemptor yet, but my recent Dreadtober Deredeo and last years Dreadtober Contemptor along with the big daddy Leviathan and a 'standard' Venerable Dreadnought.
With the Deredeo finished it seemed a beast, so size-wise next to the standard sized Dreadnought frame he is quite large...
His pedigre is certainly from the Contemptor design, sharing a lot of design cues, but with the extended torso boat-hull and larger stabilizing feet....
And then, skinny in comparison to the bulky Leviathan, the hulking brute of my favourite design - I will definitely get another but armed with CCW and maybe Melta Lance - and if FW do the Dreadnought Drop Pod still, a transport for him.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, cheers, Siph.

10 Nov 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #16 - 'those hips don't lie'

Hi Everyone,

Again more Reaver to show.

I've been making steady progress with detailing the armour edge and adding more black/white/red to other armour pieces this week, these should be ready to show next week.

The main aim this week was to build up the hips to a more 'golden brozen' tone, so far I've washed the base gold with a little crimson and browns to add a little depth to it, then a dry brush of brass scorpion to build up the tone I'm looking for. This needs a silver highlight and maybe another wash of black in the recesses.

This style will be the same as I use for the shoulder piece.

Slowly getting there...

6 Nov 2017

Getting Ready for the return of Necromunda

A little time ago GW announced that Necromunda was returning, showcasing new minis for familiar (to us Longbeards) return of Clan Escher, Clan Goliath and the announcement that rules will allow for vertical expansion like the original - the new board looks like Zone Mortalis low level underhive stuff but single level like a board game.
So I rooted through the games room and got out what I already have, a full set of Necromunda terrain and an Imperial Firebase kit which blends nicely with the hive kits - it could easily be an Adeptus Arbites Precinct.
I sprayed the bulkheads Leadbelcher and Chaos Black for simple shadowing, and sprayed the few carboard cutouts I had made in the past, to add to the number of buildings and possibilities.
I also had made a ramp to the upper levels including polystyrene grip surface so models do not slip on it - I was a creative sort, lol.
So, I've posted these before, but I have a great selection of gangs to use. My housemates of 20yrs ago played Necromunda with me so I have Big Stu's Van Saar Gang.
My mate Allandt's Delaques. This is the first gang I think I will paint up with modern scheme and basing - as modern as 'matrix' style long black coats can be :) I like the pale flesh, these could easily be Genestealer Infested Cult Members!
Not sure if the new rule set and fluff will include these Noble House Spyrers and a Gunslinger.
The original game came with the House Goliath gang which was my gang, I still have the gang roster sheets too.  I hope the new rule sets allow Gang development with flesh wounds and upgrades etc.
And finally Jay's House Orlock Gang. Love the converted Adeptus Titanicus Gatling Blaster as a Heavy Weapon! I do remember converting that using a spare RTB01 Bolter magazine and some gubbins.
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