13 Nov 2017

After Dreadtober - Size Comparison Deredeo Dreadnought

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, only a quick one today, I'm busy painting a few things but HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) means nothing is finished, so here is a size comparison between the family of Dreadnoughts I have, no Redemptor yet, but my recent Dreadtober Deredeo and last years Dreadtober Contemptor along with the big daddy Leviathan and a 'standard' Venerable Dreadnought.
With the Deredeo finished it seemed a beast, so size-wise next to the standard sized Dreadnought frame he is quite large...
His pedigre is certainly from the Contemptor design, sharing a lot of design cues, but with the extended torso boat-hull and larger stabilizing feet....
And then, skinny in comparison to the bulky Leviathan, the hulking brute of my favourite design - I will definitely get another but armed with CCW and maybe Melta Lance - and if FW do the Dreadnought Drop Pod still, a transport for him.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, cheers, Siph.


  1. Good stuff Siph! Personally I still can't warm to the Deredeo design, but I am keen to get hold of a Redemptor for my Swords of Dorn.

  2. The base on that Deredo is inspired. Brilliant kitbashing and posing. (err.. tell me it doesn't come with the kit?!)

  3. Nice to see them all together. Lining them up in order sort of hides the differences, no ? Then dropping the Leviathan next to the 40K 'dred is a sort of shock.

  4. Awesome work, man! Good to see Chuck, Eddy and Levi all lined up with their 'lesser' brethren. Well done!

  5. @ Nick - I see Eddy as a gun platform first, a Dread second, perhaps that's why I like the design?
    @ Monkeychuka - Afraid its using the finecast Space Marine Casualties from GW, sold seperately ;) Thanks, and some slates from the garden, see the earlier Dreadtober post for more photos.
    @ Zzzzzz - Ha Ha, yes, I remember the first time I did just that, finished my Levi and stood him next to the MkIV Dread and thought Wow! He's big!
    @ Mordian7th - cheers mate. Yes, Chuck, Eddy, Levi and Box-y perhaps?

  6. As a fellow HBS I know what it means to get stuff done. Nice little line up there of Dreads. I am looking forward to my Redemptor for my Cawl's Hammer.

  7. @ Green Dal - thanks fellow sufferer ;) Yeah, look forward to your Redemptor, mine will be for the fledgling HBS suffered Scythes of the Emperor Chapter! So far numbering 2...
    @ Lord H - Cheers mate


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