6 Nov 2017

Getting Ready for the return of Necromunda

A little time ago GW announced that Necromunda was returning, showcasing new minis for familiar (to us Longbeards) return of Clan Escher, Clan Goliath and the announcement that rules will allow for vertical expansion like the original - the new board looks like Zone Mortalis low level underhive stuff but single level like a board game.
So I rooted through the games room and got out what I already have, a full set of Necromunda terrain and an Imperial Firebase kit which blends nicely with the hive kits - it could easily be an Adeptus Arbites Precinct.
I sprayed the bulkheads Leadbelcher and Chaos Black for simple shadowing, and sprayed the few carboard cutouts I had made in the past, to add to the number of buildings and possibilities.
I also had made a ramp to the upper levels including polystyrene grip surface so models do not slip on it - I was a creative sort, lol.
So, I've posted these before, but I have a great selection of gangs to use. My housemates of 20yrs ago played Necromunda with me so I have Big Stu's Van Saar Gang.
My mate Allandt's Delaques. This is the first gang I think I will paint up with modern scheme and basing - as modern as 'matrix' style long black coats can be :) I like the pale flesh, these could easily be Genestealer Infested Cult Members!
Not sure if the new rule set and fluff will include these Noble House Spyrers and a Gunslinger.
The original game came with the House Goliath gang which was my gang, I still have the gang roster sheets too.  I hope the new rule sets allow Gang development with flesh wounds and upgrades etc.
And finally Jay's House Orlock Gang. Love the converted Adeptus Titanicus Gatling Blaster as a Heavy Weapon! I do remember converting that using a spare RTB01 Bolter magazine and some gubbins.


  1. Dammit, I had a choice between Shadespire and Necromunda and went with the Sigmarines. I was a bit intimidated by Necromunda since I never played and everyone I know who did has an expanded, fully painted, metal army (or three) and can still list the pros, cons, history, stats and shoe sizes of all models. Did I make the wrong choice?

  2. @ Monkeychuka - yes you did my friend... But, seriously, it depends on who else in your area you can get a game with I guess. The big pull of Necromunda(II) to me is a chance to use my legacy gangs... yes they have the original gang rostas and mainly size 11(UK) boots as you ask. And as for fully painted - mine are not as you can see, but each army is only actually a Squad, so something even I may manage!

  3. Beautiful stuff! I sold off my old gangs when I heard they were remaking it as I'm nothing if not a sucker for new models, and I knew I'd want them even if I had an old gang.

    That being said, I'm probably going to be holding off to start with so I can focus on getting my Eldar in shape before hopefully jumping in when Orlocks' get released.

  4. Excellent! Necromunda was always my favorite of the old Specialist games, and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the new version. Already dusting off the old minis and cardboard-and-bulkhead terrain!

  5. I have it on good authority that there will be new rules and models for hired guns... there is even a blurb about it in the November WD (something about more than 4 models for each- a plastic Bounty Hunter kit with armament options would be great).
    The staff at my local GW store mentioned there may be a made to order re-release of some of the original models. I'm torn on this, as I have a large collection of the original metal models, but at the same time, it would help me fill in some gaps in said collection even if they only do the base gang boxes (House Delaque in particular).

  6. Spyrers ! Goddam them, how's an honest hoolum supposed to gang up on someone who hangs around like a power armoured camoline death bat ?

    I've got more delaques to do. One for Chrimbo, perhaps.

  7. @ Nick - I'm looking forward to trying to expand the detailed Goliaths in the new box with my old monopose (okay, two poses) Goliaths from the original. I think a set of new bases will be in order too.
    @ Mordian7th - yes! It was excellent and I had a blast even with my non-hobby related friends and housemates who dipped their toe into GW for that game!
    @ Badaab - good to know, thanks. I am hoping they expand the game to include Arbites too, always loved the Judge Dread aspect of them. I too will be buying more Delaques if indeed they re-release!
    @ Zzzzzz - maybe that's a hobby challenge in the making...

  8. Oh man that terrain brings back such memories. I sold off a couple of my gangs last year, still have a large metal goliath and orlock gang. Wish I had that terrain though.
    Lookong forward to seeing how it plays.


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