27 Nov 2017

Necron Tomb Stalker on Ruined Dreadnought Base

Hello All,

Thanks for clicking. Here is my latest addition to the ever growing Necron Dynasty, a Forge World Tomb Stalker on a ruined Space Marine Dreadnought base, very apt after completing in the recent Dreadtober 2017!
With a FW model of this size and complexity, you are free to make an interesting base for it, every segment is separate so there is quite a lot of flexibility in the pose, along with 24 legs to individually choose and position twenty of them, plus mandibles, secondary velocitators (little legs) and then the base itself.
I chose to keep the armoured segments a shiny clean look, with a little grime in the creases, but the legs and inner workings got the usual Necron greasy look, a wash with Agrax and Nuln Oil over AP Platemetal (like GW Runefang Steel) spray.
This other-world look of the high shine contrasts well with the blue of the dead Dreadnought, so I felt I could do without the usual Kantor Blue of my Necron scheme.
The Gauss was painted the same as my Warriors and the head Copper the same as all my Necron Constructs, I also added Copper capacitor coils on the Gauss weaponry, like the rest of the army.
I quite like the leering nature of the construct, bearing down on its next victim! I did think about adding a suitable fearing Techmarine, but ATSKNF meant he would have to be braced for attack and that would take away from the Stalker itself, this isn't a diorama after all.
I added some Necron Glyphs on one segment for interest, but chose to keep the carapace distinctly clean looking.
Here is the poor unfortunate long forgotten or abandoned, awaiting salvage, dead Dreadnought - the old metal Dreadnought which weighs a ton, I picked up cheap in a job lot (HERE) and certainly gives this model a hefty weight to it! I'll have to remember to pick it up via the Dreadnought, not the Stalker itself, otherwise I risk pulling it off the base! It's firmly attached by nine feet but the surface area is small.
Why Ultramarine? Well, I wanted the blue and Lord Halfpenny my blogger buddy is often my table top enemy with his vast UM Legion! Something for him to fight over! The last battle we had a Warhammer World involved these Necrons and his Ultramarines and Roboute Girlyman in a massive Fond Farewell to 7th Edition.

Thanks for reading, cheers, Siph.


  1. Very cool base! I like it a lot, with the tomb spyder looking like it is crawling over the corpse.

  2. I dig it! The shiny steel carapace over the grimier undercarriage looks great and it's got a great sense of motion!

  3. Sweet. The dread gives the stalker's spine a nice curve.

  4. Oooh. Nice finished model. And good composition, use of the posability of the 'stalker etc.

    Oh and dead smurfs is usually a winner, too !

  5. @ Michael - Thanks, that was what I hoped to achieve
    @ Mordian7th - Thanks mate.
    @ Col F - Cheers, glad you like it.
    @ Zzzzzz - Its a very forgiving kit to look good, but a lot of legs to clean up - legs looked like finecast, body segments normal FW resin. And yes, a dead smurf is a good smurf... ;)

  6. "every segment is separate" and "24 legs to individually choose and position 20". This makes me drool. Excellent work mate.

  7. Looks like a Blackreach dread, so no loss.
    Very nice

    1. Well the smoke stack exhausts are like the plastic Dread but yes, the AOBR Dread was a copy of the basic Dread which was this. Weighs a lot more tho!


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