24 Nov 2017

Necromunda Underhive Arrived!

Hi All, just a quick one to show what I'll be up to this weekend! Christmas or rather Birthday has come early in the Siph Horridus Hive... YEAH! Been waiting years for the relaunch of Necromunda, very excited to get a few gangs made and maybe rope in some unsuspecting persons to give it a try!?
First thing I saw was the very welcome return of Templates, 8th may be great and all, but these have been 40K staples along since I started, almost. I have the cardboard colour ones from 2nd still. Great stuff. And mmmm, the smell of fresh boxed sprues... love it!
Under the sprues, a handy card how-to guide for the two gangs included.
The terrain... not much but good for the basics of the game before I buy the supplement to use the original card buildings once more! Seen here: Getting Ready for Necromunda
Mmmm fresh tasty sprues... better pictures on GW pages and WintersSEO You Tube, check his unboxing out!
Hefty rulebook, special dice, lovely detailed bases to match the game board. Counters on punch card and plenty of game tiles and cards.
Wedge of game tiles, ruler and some baggies for the gang cards and stratagem cards.
Nine reversible game tiles. Makes a 3x3ft board.
Best bit here, blank ganger cards for all my other gangs!

Cool beans, thanks for drooling along with me and happy ganging! Siph. Well Chuffed.


  1. Ooooh. I'll my deLaques ready to travel....

  2. Thanks for the nudge to check this out!

    I'm slated in to get a game in with the new rules tomorrow night, so the brotherhood will be filming a little intro and debrief of how it all works, maybe with a few pics, though the models will be armless and unpainted for now!


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