31 May 2011

Blog Wars 2011 - Relictors List

So in the spirit of BlogWars and it being a fun event, I have posted my list below for everyone to see. It's just a vanilla marine list with the Chaplain and Termies as the "hammer unit", the Chaplain for Liturgies of Battle and Digital Weapons and I've not used him since painting recently!

Tigurius as a "thorn-in-your-side unit" with the Sternguard i reckon, not sold on this yet, some playtesting may have been useful - oh well, some Psychic badass in a drop pod with AP3 hot shot ammo spewing Sternguard to take out objective holding troops, 3 powers per turn too, to survive once arrived in first turn Drop Pod assault.

Combat squad the troops to give 4 scoring units if it's about objectives. And a rhino for cover or to eat up the distance.

Assault Squad and Attack Bike as some mobile hitters, be it tanks or transports. I think I lack some half decent anti-tank so might suffer against IG however I haven't painted any Devestators yet so the two Multi-Meltas, two Melta and PowerFist will have to do.

The Rifleman is fun and haven't used him yet so hopefully he can dish out some reliable Anti-Transport fire with those 4 twin linked S7 Autocannon shots! Nice Dakka.

I sent off this list before I converted my Combi-Melta's so they have not been included, doh!

Chief Librarian Tigurius (Named Character)230
Chaplain (Digital Wpns (10)/Terminator Armour/Storm Bolter(30))140

Tactical Squad x10 (Plasma Gun(10)/Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter(10)/Powersword(15) 205
Tactical Squad x10 (Melta Gun(5)/Heavy Bolter/Rhino(35))210

Terminator Assault Squad x5 (Landraider Redeemer(240)/Multimelta(10))450
Sternguard Sqd x5 (Heavy Flamer(10)/Drop Pod(35))170
Dreadnought (2x Twin Linked Auto Cannon(20)/Extra Armour(15))140

Attack Bike (Multi Melta(10)) 50
Assault Squad x5 (Flamer(10)/Storm Shield(15)/Power Fist(25)/Melta Bombs(5))155

I'm really looking forward to this event, should be a blast! 3 games at least in 1 day - unheard of for Pornstarjedi and me, we usually do big points and long games, should be different and an eye opener to semi-competitive play. Will be good to meet the faces behind our British blogs and to catch up with 6th Degree, our other WeeMan from up north (north to us south coasters...).

30 May 2011

Ebay Selling LE2 or Bolter 5 - Rogue Trader (1991)

Hi all,

Just to let you know if you want a piece of Citadel history, I have a spare LE2 or Bolter 5 marine as seen from Stuff of Legends. http://www.solegends.com/citle/citle1990/numbered/le02SpaceMarine.htm

I don't know if it is an actual LE2 the First Space Marine as it was re-released in 1991 catalogue as Bolter 5, same cast, same Marine. I guess only destructive examination metalurgy will know hence the low price.

No obligations, but if you fancy it fellow bloggers, check the sale out here: LE2 or Bolter 5

27 May 2011

My Blog Wars list

Hi all – I have submitted my Blog Wars list, so thought I would post it up here. Like other bloggers who have already posted their final lists; I’m not worried about anyone using it to their advantage – it’s a friendly tournament and I fully intend to play for fun.
Tyranid Prime
  • 2 x Boneswords
  • Regeneration
  • Deathspitter
  • Catalyst
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Toxin Sacks
  • Cluster Spines
8 x Genestealers
21 x Termagaunts
22 x Hormagaunts
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Toxin Sacks
Doom of Malantai
  • Mycetic Spore
3 x Hive Guard
2 x Venomthrope
2 x Carnifex
  • 4 x T/L Devourers with Brainleech Worms
Trygon Prime
Total = 1747pts
As you can see – I have gone for a balanced friendly list rather than competitive (mainly because I’m not that sort of player and also because I don’t have the models to make a 3 Tervigon list). Obviously the tactics will be like any other Nid game – get stuck in as soon as possible.
I found coming up with the list pretty difficult, as I normally play at 2000+pts and never include a Special Character/Unique.
I have chosen to take the Doom of Malantai because it will complement my list and style of play the most. The other option was the Swarmlord but I didn’t want to tailor the entire list around a Deathstar (I imagine a lot of people will have to make similar choices).
I have managed to get one test game against a competitive IG list, based on the tournament rules…
I lost – but it was a good learning exercise and I found out that I can’t cope with popping 7 tanks at the same time effectively. This was also the 5th game in a row where my Tervigon rolled doubles on the first turn and produced less than 7 Gaunts in the game – so surely that means it should be producing 50+ in the next few games right???
Overall, I don’t think I will do very well against the predominantly MEQ/IG line-up, but I will hopefully be able to deal out a few solid punches.
Oh – and with 5 weeknights left, the to-do list currently stands at:
  • Build and paint 2 Venomthropes,
  • Finish 14 horms/terms (they are 75% done),
  • Base about 30 models,
  • Paint 20 spare terms to the best possible standard.

26 May 2011

Simple Combi-Melta Conversion

I was checking out the competition for the UK BlogWars 2011, when I noticed in the back catalogue of Andy-bG's Iron Wolves Blog a simple and effective Combi-Melta Conversion tutorial found here.
I was having trouble bidding on e-bay for some Combi-Melta's for my Sergeants, lord knows why someone would pay over £3+pp for just one, however, I needed some to arm up some of my Sternguard and Scout Sergeant and Tactical Sergeants to give Pornstarjedi's Landraider Spam list, which rolled me over a few weeks back, a little more to think about - until I paint up my Devastator's I need a little more mobile anti AV14 tank firepower!
I have used the spare bolt pistols that came in the ForgeWorld Space Marine Character Upgrade pack (the one with the Bionic goodies) and some Chaos Bolt Pistols, 'cos the Relictors like that spikey stuff (and as Andy bG says, the common bolt pistol is too small). Just follow the link to the tutorial, a simple shaving off detail and cuts and done.

This should save me a few quid and give me some mobile anti-armour in my Troops sections. Cheers Andy-bG!

See also my Simple Sternguard Bolter or Vehicle Storm Bolter conversions.

24 May 2011

Relictors Bike Squad Sergeant

Here is the completed Sergeant for my forthcoming Relictors Bike Squad. The rest of the squad shouldn't take as long now I know whats being painted and where. And the rest are standard marines except the plasma gunner (love the old metal torso with hip resting Plasma Gun).I am going to keep the rest of the squad consistent when it comes to bike markings, buttons, etc. Only the Sergeant has the fancy golden feathered fairing and skull headlamp.This last photo I like to think is the last thing the enemies of the Emperor will see before their heads leave their bodies...The blade is painted Regal Blue with two washes of Badab Black to give a rich dark dark blue base (Necron Abyss would suffice - but the washes give you a progressive darker colour toward the hilt if left upright to dry and pool), followed by dry brush edge highlight in Regal Blue, Hawk Turquoise and 50:50 Skull White:Hawk Turquoise getting progressively toward the tip of the blade.

23 May 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow – it just goes to show how productive you can be when you are up against it. The missus was out for most of this weekend so I took the opportunity to make some headway on the Blog Wars to-do list.
After 14hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday of purchasing / converting / painting, the to-do list looks like this:
Buy 2 Venomthropes - bought
Buy 1 Hive Guard – bought and painted
Convert/build Mycetic Spore – bought and painted
Convert/build Doom of Malentai – converted and painted
1 Trygon – painted
1 Carnifex (and maybe convert it at the same time) – converted and painted
7 Hormagaunts – basecoated
7 Termagaunts – about 50% done
20 spare Termagaunts (for the Tervigon) – avoiding at all costs
All the multi-wound creatures are now finished (until the Venomthropes turn up) so now I am just left with about 30-odd gaunts to get stuck into. I have 9 weeknights left to do this, so I think I need to finish all the gaunts that are going to start on the board in batches of 7 per night. I will probably take the 20 “spare” Termagaunts to a 3 colour minimum (and finished if possible).
FYI – I need to build in some redundancy as this weekend I will be throwing myself down some Welsh mountains on this:
No pics of the finished models yet as they still need basing – which I am hoping to do in one massive batch around Wednesday next week.

20 May 2011

One more for Blog Wars

Hi Guys – having seen that Siph and Pornstar both have their Blog Wars tickets, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to join them back in the hometown, so now it looks like the whole Weemen cast will be there.
I sat down last night with the codex and drew up the 1750pts list I will probably be taking (which I’ll post up on here shortly) and what needs to be done to get the list into tourney ready….
I’m going to try to post every couple of days up to the event (because I have LOADS to do).
Current To-Do list looks like:
Buy 2 Venomthropes
Buy 1 Hive Guard
Convert/build Mycetic Spore
Convert/build Doom of Malentai
7 Hormagaunts
7 Termagaunts
1 Trygon
1 Carnifex (and maybe convert it at the same time)
2 Venomthropes
1 Hive Guard
1 Mycetic Spore
1 Doom of Malentai
20 spare Termagaunts (for the Tervigon)

Just look at my current To-Do box!!!!
That has to be done by 05/06/2011...
When taking into account prior commitments, that is 1 full weekend and 10 week-nights…this is going to be close!

19 May 2011

Blog Wars 2011

Pornstarjedi and Myself are off to Blog Wars this Jun 5th, in Mansfield. Any UK Bloggers wanting a fun tournement with like minded gamers come along for some games of our beloved 40K. I do hope it is not a hugely competetive affair, we just want some fun! If we come 39th and 40th we won't be too disappointed - it will be good to battle some other forces other than Space Marines as Pornstarjedi and myself are always knocking hells bells out of eachothers Relictors and Ultramarines!

Check it out at From The Fang and see some of the faces behind the blogs in the UK and have a great day out gaming. Follow the link on their right sidebar.

See you there maybe?

14 May 2011

Relictors Terminator Chaplain with Banner

I completed my Terminator Chaplain with Banner and my first bit of freehand on the Banner itself. Not bad I thought for the first attempt, I was pleased with the script on the banner but less so with the skull itself, but it gets it's point across.

Think this is a Blood Angel Banner so I removed the blood drop from the chain and added a suitable skull and censer. Still need to dull coat it so the washes on the banner look a little shiney. Thoughts or tips please...

12 May 2011

Relictors Army for BlogWars 3

Not sure which style to go with, and the Vulkan Build involves painting a few more miniatures before the end of the month, so which should I choose? Or any helpful hints? Am I missing a Landraider for Transport of Termies? Are both builds missing CC units or maybe a Libby? I had my ass handed to me by Pornstarjedi's 3 Soulgrinders List (Monstrous Creatures eat Dreadnoughts and are AV13)...

HQ - Vulkan Hestan, Master Crafted Relic Blade, TL HF
TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), TL Flamer / TL Multi-Melta, Serg - Melta Bombs
TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), TL Flamer / TL Multi-Melta
TROOP - Sniper Scouts, Hvy Bolter Hellfire Rounds
ELITE - Ironclad Dreadnought, Seismic Hammer w/ TL Melta Gun, DCCW w/ TL HF, 2 x Hunter Killer Missiles
ELITE - Dreadnought, TL MM and DCCW w/ TL HF
ELITE - Terminator Assault Squad, 3 Master Crafted Thunderhammer / Storm Shield, 2 Lightning Claws
FA - Landspeeder Squadron (2), 1 x TL HF, TL MM. 1 x TL MM
FA - Landspeeder (1), 1 x TL HF, TL MM
FA - Attack Bike Squadron (3), 3 x TL MM
HVY - Thunderfire Cannon
HVY - Predator w/ Autocannon, Side Sponson Hvy Bolters
HVY - Vindicator


HQ - Marneus Calgar, Armour of Antilochus
HQ - Master of the Forge
TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), Melta Gun / Missile Launcher, Rhino
TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), Flamer / Missile Launcher, Rhino
TROOP - Sniper Scouts, Hvy Bolter Hellfire Rounds
ELITE - Ironclad Dreadnought, Seismic Hammer w/ Melta Gun, DCCW w/ HF, 1 x Hunter Killer Missiles
ELITE - Rifleman Dreadnought, 2 x TL Autocannon
ELITE - Terminator Assault Squad, 3x ThunderHammer/Storm Shields, 2x Lightning Claws
HVY - Venerable Dreadnought MM / DCCW
HVY - Dreadnought, TL Lascannon, DCCW
HVY - Rifleman Dreadnought, 2 x TL Autocannon
Any thoughts/tips, I'd be grateful. Thanks

11 May 2011

Relictors Bike Squad - Sergeant WIP

I am working slowly on a Bike Squad to accompany my Attack Bike and here is the Sergeant's ride. I have used the fairing from a Chaplain's bike to mark him out from the rest of the squad (his power sword should do a good job of that too).

I intend to do 5 bikes at first, then maybe adding a further 3 later to a maximum squad of 8 plus Attack Bike (10 marines).

The other bikes are still at undercoat stage and I am curently working on the Sergeant himself. The other bases are done though, so they all matched perfectly.

9 May 2011

Relictors Terminator Chaplain

This is the newest addition to the growing Relictor Army. He is not yet finished as I am currently trying my best to freehand a banner but with very limited success. Must try to continue with some projects that are actually on my to-do list rather than nice to have stuff. I promise myself I will finish a Battle Company before starting a Grey Knights strike force... but the Relictors need more shiney toys too.
I have two squads of Scout bikes, 3 Landraiders, several drop pods, plus all the gear on the to do list before I consider the Relictors done.
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