27 May 2011

My Blog Wars list

Hi all – I have submitted my Blog Wars list, so thought I would post it up here. Like other bloggers who have already posted their final lists; I’m not worried about anyone using it to their advantage – it’s a friendly tournament and I fully intend to play for fun.
Tyranid Prime
  • 2 x Boneswords
  • Regeneration
  • Deathspitter
  • Catalyst
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Toxin Sacks
  • Cluster Spines
8 x Genestealers
21 x Termagaunts
22 x Hormagaunts
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Toxin Sacks
Doom of Malantai
  • Mycetic Spore
3 x Hive Guard
2 x Venomthrope
2 x Carnifex
  • 4 x T/L Devourers with Brainleech Worms
Trygon Prime
Total = 1747pts
As you can see – I have gone for a balanced friendly list rather than competitive (mainly because I’m not that sort of player and also because I don’t have the models to make a 3 Tervigon list). Obviously the tactics will be like any other Nid game – get stuck in as soon as possible.
I found coming up with the list pretty difficult, as I normally play at 2000+pts and never include a Special Character/Unique.
I have chosen to take the Doom of Malantai because it will complement my list and style of play the most. The other option was the Swarmlord but I didn’t want to tailor the entire list around a Deathstar (I imagine a lot of people will have to make similar choices).
I have managed to get one test game against a competitive IG list, based on the tournament rules…
I lost – but it was a good learning exercise and I found out that I can’t cope with popping 7 tanks at the same time effectively. This was also the 5th game in a row where my Tervigon rolled doubles on the first turn and produced less than 7 Gaunts in the game – so surely that means it should be producing 50+ in the next few games right???
Overall, I don’t think I will do very well against the predominantly MEQ/IG line-up, but I will hopefully be able to deal out a few solid punches.
Oh – and with 5 weeknights left, the to-do list currently stands at:
  • Build and paint 2 Venomthropes,
  • Finish 14 horms/terms (they are 75% done),
  • Base about 30 models,
  • Paint 20 spare terms to the best possible standard.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you at Blogwars. That could be a decidedly tricky list - nastiness.

  2. Really looking forward to Blog wars now, think it'll be a fun event.
    Note, I really don't like doom, especially when used against a low leadership army like my Tau.

  3. Firewasp - I know, Doom is a veritable nuke for one turn if you drop it near infantry squads.

    Can't see it lasting more than a single turn though...

    In my test game it survived 2 turns and managed to clear a third of the board of IG foot troops and take out a Leman Russ.

  4. Trick is to fed it strength 8 shots until it fails one. It's got to fail one eventually...right?? :-P

  5. To say you don't play at this points level it looks to be a nice list and I always do like to see painted Nids on the table so will look forward to seeing you at Blogwars.



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