29 Apr 2022

Further WIP Deathwatch/Terrain

Hello All! this week has been a little crazy with work, thus reduced time to finish off some marines!

I've added details to the 9 man squad of Primaris Marines, these just need an edge highlights, bases and then some requiring decals to finish. I've tried some free hand again for the Storm Giant' chapter marine, and happy with the result.

I've also started on the 3 Outriders - getting the Silver left arm, and armour plate on the bike to match. I think these will be a good addition to the force. 

I've also almost finished fabricating another building, a fortified Pulpit - this is again, an MDF building, which will be used with other similar buildings for a large battlefield!

Cheers, LH

25 Apr 2022

Adeptus Custodes - Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Armour

Hello all, thanks for dropping in. Hot on the heels of last week's Allarus Terminator Shield Captain, another model the boxset allows is a Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Armour. 
Armed with the same Balistus Grenade Launcher, he lacks the punch of a Castellan Axe or Guardian Spear but does have a Misericordia for close combat, which isn't bad at five attacks, strength 5 with -2AP, one damage. 
The Duncan Rhodes tutorial for Custodian Warden was followed and I love the folds of the cloak. The model can be equipped with the Vexilla, either a Vexilla Defensor (Light Cover Aura); Vexilla Imperius (+1 Attack aura) or a Vexilla Magnifica (Dense Cover Aura), but only one of each type can be in an army - my other two Vexilla will be made from Warden Custodian kits.
The rear really shows off the folds of the cloak and the Misericordia.

Another box of these now has to be bought so I can use the final member into a squad of 4 Allarus Terminators, although you can actually field them as a squad of one model!

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

22 Apr 2022

WIP Week Update - Terrain and Redemptors

 Hello All,

This week I've been attacking some terrain that I've had for a while to see whether this could be an option for future buildings. The kit is a TT combat building, 'Gothic Servitialis'. 

Really happy with how the kit went together - I really like the way you can remove the different floors to get inside the building - this could be an option for fire fights inside buildings which could be fun! The plan is to coat the base of the building with a textured spray, then apply futher damage, then paint up from a grey base. The kit includes details which I will paint gold, then apply prior to weathering. 

The 2 Deathwatch Dreadnoughts are coming together, hopefully these will be complete very soon! I am really liking the 3D printed parts that add soo much character to the model! I've built the chaplain as if he is mid charge, weapon raised high! 

 The Scythes Dread is less dynamic, standing back -supporting the lines. Again, fantastic kit with crisp, sharp details! LH

18 Apr 2022

Adeptus Custodes - Shield Captain in Allarus Armour

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. On the coat tails of the Custodian Guardians a few weeks ago, I have added a Shield Captain in Allarus Armour to lead them. A formidable warrior!
I followed the Duncan Rhodes tutorial again, and to mark him out as a Shield Captain I added the rather ornate gold Pteruges and the ornate shoulder pauldrons. Colour wise the purple braid on the Castellan Axe will denote his rank.
The wrist mounted Balistus Grenade Launcher
He has a Misericordia too. I followed the guide to do the cloak, and love the results. Chaos Red, washed Nuln Oil, base Chaos red again leaving the darker recesses, highlight Wazdakka Red and very slight highlight on the extreme edges of Squig Orange. I used an old pot of Gehennas Gold to be different from the golds used on the armour.
Ave Imperator!

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

15 Apr 2022

WeeMen Mini Titan Walk at Greetings from the Warp LH photos - Pic heavy

Hi All!

As Siph mentioned in his post earlier this week, WeeMen dusted off their Titans and headed to Greetings from the Warp for a Mini Walk. Loads of laughs, destruction, and my Warbringer Rotengen having a catastrophic reactor melt down that nearly took out Hell's Daughter, my Warlord, in the explosion - the resultant damage caused the Titan to fall in the ensuing volley of fire! 

I finished with 2 'Engine Kills' with 2 of my maniple falling in battle.  

Pics of the Event.

All at the Titan Owners Club are great, and one of my favourite parts is catching up with all of the follow princeps, its such a specticle to see all the titans match to war. It did get me thinking, Siph should we do a mini walk for the Blog? We’ve got enough titans! LH

11 Apr 2022

WeeMen at Titan Owners Club UK Mini Walk - Greetings From The Warp

This weekend was the Greetings from the Warp event concentrating on Heresy Gaming and some Adeptus Titanicus, however Titan Owners Club UK was also invited to attend and put on a slightly larger game of Adeptus Titanicus at 28mm scale (AT28mm). We loved to oblige. The Greetings From the Warp event looked well run, had beer, BBQ and battling, so great job to the organisers and the standard of Heresy Armies was superb, some great forces. Anyway, I was there to game with Ttans so I took a small force of Warlord Dominus Victoria, and Reaver's Honorum and Aquila Oculus. Lord TITANium Halfpenny also came along with his Crucius Legio Engines, being targeted by the traitor Warbringer (Above)
It was only a one day event for us, a chance for TOC UK Members to throw some dice and have a pie-plate sized blast! In all we had 68 Forge World Titans and a splattering of Knights on the field of battle.
The centre of the battle saw the Traitor forces pushing out from a captured city, and into the guns of the Loyalist Engines, one double fisted Warlord closed the enemy but was brought low before getting to use the fists.
Astorum Engines belonging to Princeps Aaron forge ahead to seek revenge for their fallen Reaver kin
The Traitor right flank was where my now fallen Astorum Engines would anchor - or was it a feint? (We swap around allegiances to balance the points)
For my efforts, the opposing Princeps Engine Phil punished me, his Warlord stripped all of Honorum's shields with the Apocalypse Missile Launchers and then laid the Reaver low with successive hits to Honorum's legs, scoring four critical damage rolls with two mighty blasts from the Bellicosa Lasers and Mori-Quake Cannons. ENGINE KILL!
The Loyalist Centre facing us
My comrades were Princeps Laura, Richard and Lauren. Princeps Lauren of Vulcanum scored a brace of ENGINE KILLS, taking a Warlord, Reaver and Warhound of Ignatum, alas they were the only Loyalist kills on our right flank area of the battle.
Princeps Engine Phil and John's Metalica and Ignatum Engines I faced, a really beautiful force to face and a resilient one, Princep's John's Dakka Warlord (2x Macro Gatling, 2x Battle Titan Gatling Blaster) just wouldn't die to my guns despite heavy Body and Head damage.... 
Engine Phil's and John B's Engines, my opponents for the day
Lord TITANium Halfpenny walking away and Princeps Aaron my fellow Astorum buddy

Princeps Lee with Titan Terminals along with Princeps Sim, John H and Princeps Seniores Martin
Great terrain made by Princeps Maximus Drake Seta.
My favourite photo of the day, Princeps Luke's double claw Warlord striding through the breach - shame he died to Loyalist guns before he got to wreck face...
My favourite Engine of the day, the sheer brutality of a "DakkaLord", Princeps John B's Warlord.
Dominus Victoria and Honorum
A brilliant day battling our big Titans, thank-you to Titan Owners Club UK Admin Team (myself included, lol) and to the team at Greetings From The Warp for inviting us along. And it was great to see the other Titan Owners, what a great bunch and I look forward to the next Titan Walk!

Cheers, Siph.
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