31 Jan 2009

FtW Blogger Group Dice

I've been a bit slow on modelling projects as late due to working away from home (under sea) so I thought a quick update was in order. The FtW Blogger Group dice Ron organised (Thank-you Ron) have arrived from across the pond so I thought I'd share a picture with you. The Landspeeder I'm currently working on for the Relictors is still in undercoat stages, although I have done the cockpit detailing within. I'll try and get this done over the next week or so. The Reaver Titan is very slow work, so far I've yet to get a pair of clippers or a file to any of it! Shame on me, I'm sure Pornstarjedi is surging ahead and putting me to shame.
Just a short one today. Can't wait to get a game in and roll all those FtW's (6's)!

19 Jan 2009

Ultramarines Drop Pod

I just love the new Space Marine Drop Pod, and it is in my opinion one of best kits around. As Siph discussed, the kit is far larger than expected. It requires painting inside and out.

The original paint up was slightly rushed to get it ready for the first battle with Siph (one of my surprise pieces...) However on returning home I decided to give the pod some extra work.
I added a second coat of Ultramarine Blue to the main body of the drop pod, the fins had another coat of Boltgun applied. I also added Boltgun metal to the vents at the bottom of the fins. These areas I felt needed a well used feel. I then applied Tin Bitz to the fins in a circular fashion to achieve the look of a craft that has just gone through the rigours of re-entry. Space Wolves Grey was used as a highlight to the edges.
The doors had already had several coats of Boltgun and inks to it, so I added Tin Bitz again, with a Badab Black wash. The chevrons were done using Chaos Black, and Iyanden Darksun. I didn't measure the distances, I used the indentations on the doors to work out where the black should finish and yellow to start. This was then washed with Devlan Mud.
The interior was pretty sound from the initial paint up, however another wash of Badab Black was applied, and red and green buttons added to the harnesses. The centre console is my favourite part of the model, it reminds me of one of my favourite movies as a kid, 'The flight of the navigator', the console in that was similar in design. I've added lines for navigation and several dots for the enemy. I have also added a 'drop pod' shape to indicate the current location, and a square for the final destination.

11 Jan 2009

Relictors Drop Pod

After some fancy gaming with Pornstarjedi and a drop pod of horror unleashing itself behind my lines, I thought I'd better get painting mine. Beware it is a very large surface area and you are painting both sides of most pieces, inside pod and out. I would say this is more challenging than a Landraider and definitely more time consuming - but worth it.

I hope you get some ideas from the pictures I've posted here.
I found that part assembly and painting those pieces was much easier than if I had assembled first. That way you can get into the pod and do the detailing without the harnesses getting in the way. The yellow stripes on the door were a lot easier than they looked, firstly I used a 1cm card stock to measure lines and marked with pencil along the door length, then I painted the yellow in between the lines with Citadel Foundation Tausept Ochre, then 2 washes of Devlan Mud on the lower halves and then a final highlight of Foundation Iyanden Darksun on the upper edge. The eagle was painted Tin Bitz, Shining Gold and highlighted Mithril Silver. The weathered effect on the metal parts of the 5 vanes was done using Boltgun Metal drybrush and Chesnut Ink, but a few washes of Devlan Mud should do the trick.
Construct the base and centre console first and paint before adding the harnesses and stanchions. When fitting the harnesses, be aware the one with the 3 looped hoses has round holes for the 'skull' faced harness. All the others have 2 looped hoses and plain harnesses. Put this harness next to the single large screen on the centre console to finish of the Sergeants position. (Pictured above).
When constructing the engine block, do not glue the centre spindle, only glue it at the base to the weapon bracket - this way the pod's weapon can freely rotate once constructed. And the 5 square engine plates need dry fitting with the vanes as you glue to make sure the vanes will fit later. Once the block was done, I painted the two halves of the weapon before adding it.
Once all the pieces were part assembled and painted, the pod was finally put together. Well worth the time and effort and a great Transport option too. I hope you like it, Relictor Angels of Death rapidly descending to a battlefield soon...

5 Jan 2009

My Hobby Area

Like Siph I've been very lucky in having a very understanding wife, who has firstly let me continue my hobby, but also turn the 'guest room' to a games room!! (Hooray!!) Within the room I have a desk full of projects, paints and models sat waiting for some glue/paint/TLC. I've also got a chest of draws full of future projects including my SKULLS Adeptus Mechanicus guys, some Imperial Guard and my warhorse mounted inquisitor!! (I really need to retire and become a full time 40k'er...

Within the picture you can see my projects, and boxes full of marines. On the project board is my Ultramarine Fellblade. I know before you sound 'no! you can't have that!!' Its pre Heresy based, and simply I love the baneblade tank. Also on the desk are two Predators, a Razorback and a couple of Dreadnoughts. I've also got a combat squad of Sternguard waiting for some attention.

Below the worktop I've got several boxes containing space marines. I've filtered my sprues out so that I have got in each box the required models to complete each company. Eventually I'll have three full companies, and majority of the first company!

Also in the picture is my Blood Angels banner, this was given to me by the staff at Games Workshop several years ago. These are pretty rare, and so I keep it safe on my door!

I've got quite a large display cabinet displaying all my models in their glory. I've got two models in particular that defiantly draws the attention. An original Armorcast Reaver Titan, and a scratch built Thunderhawk Gunship.
As you can see I've got quite alot under the hobbyists knife, and plenty to convert and paint. I'm planning my hobby so that I've got a loose timescale into what models I want to complete. I'm hoping this will speed up the time I'm hobbying.

4 Jan 2009

Battle Report 31/12/08 Ultramarines Vs Relictors

Siph has already posted some details regarding the new years eve battle, which pitted the mighty Ultramarines against a Relictor force. We opted for 1500 points, giving scope for some good units, and some powerful characters.

I decided to included my new 'almost' finished Drop Pod, ready to be deployed with a full Tactical squad. The aim was to use this to gain vital objectives towards the end of the game. I added a Multi-Melta and Flamer to the squad plus Chief Liberian Tigurius to add some weight to the drop pod. A Landraider was included with a 5 man Assault Terminator squad and a Chaplain. I hoped this would dominate the table centre and dish out some heavy damage. A Jump pack squad was included with my final cha
racter, a Captain with relic blade and jump pack. This was my hard hitting unit, which would be used to contest objectives and take out any nasty units Siph had lurking for my boyz in blue. The final squads were a combat Tactical squad, and a Scout squad. Both troop choices to try and grab objectives.

The battle started and first blood to the Ultramarines, and the Landraider, twin linked lascannon shots fired at the Relictors dreadnought, scoring hits and boom! The dreadnought was no more... however all smiles turned to tears as Siph's turn and his Razorback shot back and destroyed my mighty Landraider... and a single terminator passenger! 250 points up in smoke. My Vindicator was also hit with a missile shot... my vindi became a mobile road block as the main weapon (and only weapon) went bang and was destroyed.

Turn 2 - the Ultramarines looked shell-shocked by the loss of its two heavy tanks and took stock of the situation. Assault marines and the Captain moved forward to get into a better position. No sight of the drop pod yet. Relictors returned fire with more hardcore shooting. Scout Sergeant 'Telion' (I thought he was an Ultramarine...) and his trusty BS6 rained sniper fire into the Ultramarine scouts taking one out. His Scout squad followed suit with some well placed sniper fire and another Ultramarine scout died. Rhino mounted marines sped forward in their armoured taxis, and dismounted - the objectives in sight.

Turn 3 - My assault squad launched forward and charged into the terminator armoured Librarian. Scouts and Assault terminators moved towards the centre objective. The assault phase was amazing as the relic blade cut through the Librarian's terminator armour with ease. (like a knife through butter... (insert evil laugh here))
Turn 4 - This started with the sounds of an over head drop pod arriving with a smash, ho
wever, I decided to go for a 'kill them all' moment and landed the drop pod behind the Relictor's tactical squad approaching the oil drum objective. A full tactical squad, and Tigurius jumped out and fired at all comers... the Rhino exploded under Multimelta fire and temperatures increased in the armour of the relictors under flamer assault slaying 4. Assault marines and captain charged the scouts who commanded the objective in the woods cutting down several scouts. My terminators and scouts moved towards the centre objective. I needed another turn...

Relictors turn 4 saw the arrival of Siph's assault marines - and a relic blade at the hands of their captain... this was going to hurt. The tactical squad near the oil drums ran towards the objective to grab another victory point. The assault was frantic, bloody and painful, losses were on both sides, however the iron halo saved both captains ready for another round of combat (hopefully).

The game was set at 4 turns, with a dice roll of 1, 2 or 3 to finish at 4 turns or a 4, 5 or 6 for another turn... I needed another turn... Siph rolled... a 1!! (of which he rolled quite often during the match! (tell me about it! - Siph) the game finished. 2 to the Relictors, 1 to the Ultramarines.

A very close battle, which could of gone either way. Another turn and we both agreed would of been great for the Ultramarines with units ready to grab objectives. I feel that my force was equal to the Relictors, and if the Land Raider had survived the first turn would of dished out some major punishment. The hope was to tie up enemy fire at both the tank and terminators whilst the scouts moved onto the objective.

I really enjoyed the way the assault squad and captain took out the terminator armoured Librarian, and then sat to contest the wood objective.

Roll on the next match!!

Simple Conversions with AOBR Sergeant

Firstly I got my modelling knife, razor saw and file out. Clipped the Sergeant from the sprue and with a little patience cut using the Razor saw as shown above - most cuts were almost all the way through, changing cut angle of attack to keep some detail or other. The pointing arm shows this is good detail.

With a few pieces from the normal SM sprues such as the MK8 torso (above) which I trimmed the waistband off, you have totally new unique figures. If you are like me, conversions and a little imagination really make the out of the box models truely yours. The two sergeants below are unique to me and you won't find a same one who ever you battle with, that's one of the great things about this hobby.

The next squad I am painting is the AOBR Tactical Squad and they have embossed shoulder pads with the Tactical Arrow designation - so I rescued the shoulder from the AOBR Sergeant and added a powerfist to make this new Sergeant below.

The legs and the torso above were used on the Sergeant from Squad 5, already posted. Another picture of him is below.
Two unique figures and still a Veteran Backpack, Eagle and Skull plus a pointing Arm yet to use elsewhere.

3 Jan 2009

Relictor Razorback

I painted this Razorback a while ago for my forthcoming Relictors Army, so since the army is pretty sizeable now (50+ troops etc.) I thought I'd share the pics with you. The detailing on the front and side doors and rear ramp are Forgeword parts as this will be my Command Squad transport choice. The addition of a Command Frame space marine sensor on the top designates this as a command vehicle.

I was going for a WWII armoured look so I used roughcoat for the basic chasis before adding details, I don't think I'll do it again - but it sets it apart from the others. Could just be a different Forgeworld or earlier MK? I like it. Since then, this has become the standard colour pattern for my Relictor vehicles.

Command Frame Sensor
But I guess the real reason for posting now is to gloat (sorry) and show Pornstarjedi his Ultramarine Landraider slayer in all its glory - and a new recently added honour marking for destroying that Landraider and one of the Terminator occupants and effectively winning me the recent Ultramarine vs Relictors 1500pt game on turn one. I'll wait for his revenge response of posting pictures of said Landy with a new honour marking, my Dreadnought slayer!

Tank-killer honour in Ultramarine Blue

2 Jan 2009

Relictors Tactical Squad 5

I've just finished these latest Relictors over the Crimbo period (Rhino done beforehand). I have departed from the normal scheme that I've used so far for squads 1-4 but only a little. I used Forgeworld Red Scorpion MK4 'maximus armour' heads and 5 piped torso's as well as the older 'piped' breastplate in the normal marine sprue giving them an earlier MK6 armour look of studded left shoulder pads and Chapter insignia on the right shoulder pad. Tactical designation on some of the marines is marked by the striped knee guard as before. The Sergeant has the modern MK8 breastplate with neck guard but I've used the Red Scorpion bionic arm with Power Sword and AOBR Serg legs! Although he did have a bad frosting experience when it came to Purity seal varnishing him - I blame not shaking the can enough. He was somewhat re-touched with gloss varnish to 'un-frost' him before a better coat of matt. You can still see it on the thermal vents of his back pack but he survived pretty well.
I was rather pleased with my Plasma Gunner as the plasma coil detail came out better than expected. Next project is to complete an objective marker as these are now pretty important in 5th Edn. I plan to do a fuel dump theme, GW's website has a good article on modelling objective markers and over at FtW, Ron has recently posted pics of other bloggers objectives.

1 Jan 2009

Ultramarines vs Relictors 1500pts

End of turn one

Pornstarjedi was up visiting for New Years Eve fun and we managed to get a 1500pt game under our belts before festivities begun. I've been busy cobbling together some scenery and Pornstarjedi has recently basecoated and constructed his Drop pod so it was about time we went head to head - the purist Ultramarines with a grudge against the dabbling Relictors! (We were relegated to the bedroom as the table was full of party food). We had five Objectives, two in deployment areas - the Woods and the Rocks; and 3 central ones - Mechanicum ruins, Bunker Complex and Fuel Dump.

Turn 1 saw some heavy duty twin-linked Lascannon action, the Ultra's Landraider (top right) destroyed the Relictors dreadnought before it had a chance to do anything - but the Relictors answered back with a well placed Razorback (left centre) lascannon shot penetrating the Landraider and destroying it killing one of the Terminators onboard. A lucky Krak missile also took out the Vindicator's main weapon rendering it a very expensive moving cover! Turn one to Siph's Relictors.

Turn 2 saw some wild missile shooting, all scattering and some harassing fire from Relictors Scout Sergeant 'Telion' well placed sniper action - Ultra scout head popping as he looked over a wall. Ultra Tac sqd claimed an objective amongst the rocks (right corner) as did Relictors scouts in the woods (top left). The Relictors surged forward and claimed the Mechanicum (centre) objective. Turn two to Siph's Relictors.

Turn 3 saw the Ultra's assault squad tear into the Relictor Librarian (top centre) with the attached Ultra Captain using his Relic Blade to slice through the Terminator clad psyker with ease - a fitting end for the Relic gatherer! They then consolidated toward the now exposed Scouts in the woods and contest the objective. The Ultra Termies advanced behind the cover of the damaged Vindicator toward the centre Bunker Objective while the Relictor Scout snipers kept up their harassing fire whilst the Relictor Tac sqds advanced. Turn three to Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines.

Turn 4 saw the Drop Pod come crashing down behind the Relictor lines with a full Tac sqd and Tigurius! But, the temptation to blow a Rhino away with the Multimelta was too much for Pornstarjedi - and instead of charging into CC, he stood and shot the rear of the Relictor right flank Tac sqd felling 4 battle brothers and destroying the rhino in a ball of super heated gases. On the left flank, the Ultra assault sqd made short work of the Relictor scouts hiding in the woods losing Siph the contested objective in his deployment area. In return the Tac combat sqd in the Razorback disembarked and shot wildly into the woods missing all the enemy jump troops and the Relictor Capt and assault sqd finally arrived from reserve to smash into the Ultra assault troops and Capt. Both Capt's were wounded by Relic blades and saved only by the Iron Halo's. The survivors of the drop site massacre ran for their lives to claim the nearby fuel dump objective and the other Relictor Tac combat sqd ran to contest the centre Bunker complex from the Ultra Termies and Scouts - but both for how long? A turn five would surely kill off the Relictor sqds!

The die was thrown for the continuation of the game at the end of four turns - 1,2 or 3 and it was a Relictor Victory (2 Obj, 1 contested Obj). 4,5 and 6 for a continued onslaught Ultramarine conquest in the centre fuel dump and bunker objectives (meaning Ultra 3 Obj, Relictors 1 Obj). The die was cast and it was a One - Relictor Victory - but only just! The first turn won it for Siph - knocking out the Vindy and Landraider seriously upsetting Pornstarjedi's plans and effectively taking out the Termies until turn 5!

End State
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