5 Jan 2009

My Hobby Area

Like Siph I've been very lucky in having a very understanding wife, who has firstly let me continue my hobby, but also turn the 'guest room' to a games room!! (Hooray!!) Within the room I have a desk full of projects, paints and models sat waiting for some glue/paint/TLC. I've also got a chest of draws full of future projects including my SKULLS Adeptus Mechanicus guys, some Imperial Guard and my warhorse mounted inquisitor!! (I really need to retire and become a full time 40k'er...

Within the picture you can see my projects, and boxes full of marines. On the project board is my Ultramarine Fellblade. I know before you sound 'no! you can't have that!!' Its pre Heresy based, and simply I love the baneblade tank. Also on the desk are two Predators, a Razorback and a couple of Dreadnoughts. I've also got a combat squad of Sternguard waiting for some attention.

Below the worktop I've got several boxes containing space marines. I've filtered my sprues out so that I have got in each box the required models to complete each company. Eventually I'll have three full companies, and majority of the first company!

Also in the picture is my Blood Angels banner, this was given to me by the staff at Games Workshop several years ago. These are pretty rare, and so I keep it safe on my door!

I've got quite a large display cabinet displaying all my models in their glory. I've got two models in particular that defiantly draws the attention. An original Armorcast Reaver Titan, and a scratch built Thunderhawk Gunship.
As you can see I've got quite alot under the hobbyists knife, and plenty to convert and paint. I'm planning my hobby so that I've got a loose timescale into what models I want to complete. I'm hoping this will speed up the time I'm hobbying.


  1. Looks like you could do with a couple of those Paint Racks too fella.

  2. I could fella.. will do once the games room/loft is complete!


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