2 Jan 2009

Relictors Tactical Squad 5

I've just finished these latest Relictors over the Crimbo period (Rhino done beforehand). I have departed from the normal scheme that I've used so far for squads 1-4 but only a little. I used Forgeworld Red Scorpion MK4 'maximus armour' heads and 5 piped torso's as well as the older 'piped' breastplate in the normal marine sprue giving them an earlier MK6 armour look of studded left shoulder pads and Chapter insignia on the right shoulder pad. Tactical designation on some of the marines is marked by the striped knee guard as before. The Sergeant has the modern MK8 breastplate with neck guard but I've used the Red Scorpion bionic arm with Power Sword and AOBR Serg legs! Although he did have a bad frosting experience when it came to Purity seal varnishing him - I blame not shaking the can enough. He was somewhat re-touched with gloss varnish to 'un-frost' him before a better coat of matt. You can still see it on the thermal vents of his back pack but he survived pretty well.
I was rather pleased with my Plasma Gunner as the plasma coil detail came out better than expected. Next project is to complete an objective marker as these are now pretty important in 5th Edn. I plan to do a fuel dump theme, GW's website has a good article on modelling objective markers and over at FtW, Ron has recently posted pics of other bloggers objectives.


  1. I really like the plasma gun - the blue coils contrast very well with the surrounding bleached bone and make it stand out.

  2. I do really like the squad and the plasma looks cool, only one thing though could you say why you gave him a storm bolter, normally a sergeant gets a pistol for the extra attack.

  3. Cheers jabberjabber, and Gamers World - just purely for looks - he looks cool. The powersword is usually enough to kill armoured targets with his 2 attacks or 3 if charging, not allowing armour saves. This way he has some cool ranged weaponry too (assault 2).


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