1 Jan 2009

Ultramarines vs Relictors 1500pts

End of turn one

Pornstarjedi was up visiting for New Years Eve fun and we managed to get a 1500pt game under our belts before festivities begun. I've been busy cobbling together some scenery and Pornstarjedi has recently basecoated and constructed his Drop pod so it was about time we went head to head - the purist Ultramarines with a grudge against the dabbling Relictors! (We were relegated to the bedroom as the table was full of party food). We had five Objectives, two in deployment areas - the Woods and the Rocks; and 3 central ones - Mechanicum ruins, Bunker Complex and Fuel Dump.

Turn 1 saw some heavy duty twin-linked Lascannon action, the Ultra's Landraider (top right) destroyed the Relictors dreadnought before it had a chance to do anything - but the Relictors answered back with a well placed Razorback (left centre) lascannon shot penetrating the Landraider and destroying it killing one of the Terminators onboard. A lucky Krak missile also took out the Vindicator's main weapon rendering it a very expensive moving cover! Turn one to Siph's Relictors.

Turn 2 saw some wild missile shooting, all scattering and some harassing fire from Relictors Scout Sergeant 'Telion' well placed sniper action - Ultra scout head popping as he looked over a wall. Ultra Tac sqd claimed an objective amongst the rocks (right corner) as did Relictors scouts in the woods (top left). The Relictors surged forward and claimed the Mechanicum (centre) objective. Turn two to Siph's Relictors.

Turn 3 saw the Ultra's assault squad tear into the Relictor Librarian (top centre) with the attached Ultra Captain using his Relic Blade to slice through the Terminator clad psyker with ease - a fitting end for the Relic gatherer! They then consolidated toward the now exposed Scouts in the woods and contest the objective. The Ultra Termies advanced behind the cover of the damaged Vindicator toward the centre Bunker Objective while the Relictor Scout snipers kept up their harassing fire whilst the Relictor Tac sqds advanced. Turn three to Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines.

Turn 4 saw the Drop Pod come crashing down behind the Relictor lines with a full Tac sqd and Tigurius! But, the temptation to blow a Rhino away with the Multimelta was too much for Pornstarjedi - and instead of charging into CC, he stood and shot the rear of the Relictor right flank Tac sqd felling 4 battle brothers and destroying the rhino in a ball of super heated gases. On the left flank, the Ultra assault sqd made short work of the Relictor scouts hiding in the woods losing Siph the contested objective in his deployment area. In return the Tac combat sqd in the Razorback disembarked and shot wildly into the woods missing all the enemy jump troops and the Relictor Capt and assault sqd finally arrived from reserve to smash into the Ultra assault troops and Capt. Both Capt's were wounded by Relic blades and saved only by the Iron Halo's. The survivors of the drop site massacre ran for their lives to claim the nearby fuel dump objective and the other Relictor Tac combat sqd ran to contest the centre Bunker complex from the Ultra Termies and Scouts - but both for how long? A turn five would surely kill off the Relictor sqds!

The die was thrown for the continuation of the game at the end of four turns - 1,2 or 3 and it was a Relictor Victory (2 Obj, 1 contested Obj). 4,5 and 6 for a continued onslaught Ultramarine conquest in the centre fuel dump and bunker objectives (meaning Ultra 3 Obj, Relictors 1 Obj). The die was cast and it was a One - Relictor Victory - but only just! The first turn won it for Siph - knocking out the Vindy and Landraider seriously upsetting Pornstarjedi's plans and effectively taking out the Termies until turn 5!

End State

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