18 Dec 2008

Relictors Tactical Squads 3 and 4

Tactical Squad III and Rhino transportTactical Squad IV and Rhino Transport

This continues the fleshing out of my Relictors Army, with two more Troops choices. I am currently working on squads V and VI. These newest additions make the army a viable force now with a flexible weapon load albeit Frag or Krak missiles but, squads II, III and IV are all basic points cost, free Flamer and Missile launcher being full 10 man squads as well as each having a Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. So, for next to nothing points, suddenly the enemy has 6 combat squads, all objective taking troop choices, to deal with. Plus, for a few extra points I have Rhinos to provide either Speed, Armour, Smoke or Cover.

Check out Squad III's driver, he's feeling a little left out of the action. Tread-head! Also a close up of the armoured glass periscopes, simple but effective paint work.

Anyway, enjoy, I hope you get some ideas from these. Back to painting - I am so slow! If I averaged out the finished Marines with the date I started, I think I average 1 Marine a week with a Rhino every 2 months... full time employment sucks but is a necessary evil to supply beer and weemen tokens to spend.


  1. As always good looking models. Keep it up. I feeel you on slow cause of work. I'm lucky to get a model a week in too. Full time employment just aint no fun.

  2. I am a reasonably quick painter but don't get that much time to paint so it depends 1 week I will get good progress then the next a lot less.

  3. Nice job, these guys are coming together fast.

  4. Cheers Guys. But Ron, not that fast - I started these ages ago but have only recently finished the bases, varnishing etc. Finally getting pictures into the blog is a lot more speedy than my painting!

  5. Those are some tasty Relictors. I particularly like the bone accents; it adds a nice touch to the plain grey.

  6. Cheers Malcolm, I thought so too. The veterans are going to have Bone coloured helmets and shoulder trim. Not sure about the Apothecary? Think i'll do him White after Ron's posted his FtW tutorial for his White Scars - there is a thing such as too much of an accent.

  7. How odd!

    I was looking for painting ideas for my own Relictors chapter, and I came across this site! Very nice!

    I too am doing codex gray for my main colour, but I'm doing random-ish bleached bone and purple bits and bobs on my men to represent their influence by chaos (Slaanesh in particular).

    For your bleached bone chest insignia, what process do you use?

  8. Blair,
    I use a Boltgun Metal chest insignia, but the Bleached Bone bolters/kneepads etc. are simply Dheneb Stone foundation, Bleached Bone coat, highlighted Bleached Bone/Skull White 50:50 mix and a final Skull White extreme edge. Sometimes details such as Powerfists or things with lots of recesses get a Delvan Mud or Sepia wash in the recesses after the first coat of Bleached Bone. Hope to see your Relictors soon. What Company, mine are 5th hence Black edges to Shoulder Pads - the 7th have Purple edges...

  9. Hiya!

    Mine are the 3rd company with black shoulder pads and bone edging. I decided bleached bone was the company colour (although my squads have a curious amount of purple, and the recurring number 6 ...)

    I'll see if I can get a picture or two up in the next week or two...


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