8 Dec 2008

Relictors Librarian

This is my Relictors Librarian. As you can see I've chosen Terminator Armour for a little survivability on the battlefield. The paint job is not all my work, an ebay purchase and finished by me (bloomin good value too!) but I thought I'd share a piccy with you for ideas etc. I've used the codex colour blue armour and Chapter shoulder pads.

The Relictors Chapter have numerous Librarians and they take on the role as Chapter Senior Command, documenting the Relics they find and are at the forefront of research into the Chaos Artefacts they use to fight Chaos with. My plan is to paint up some more in Power Armour from some great miniatures I've purchased back in the 90's. I'll still have a Chapter Master and some Captains though...

Currently working on completing my Tactical Squads to go with their Rhino transports (previously posted) so I'll post soon with pictures of them. 3 down, 3 to go. One squad with FW Red Scorpion MK4 heads and chestplates and one squad from AOBR minus the naff sergeant (although his legs have been salvaged for the MK4 squad and his pointy arm, backpack and sword hilt have been saved for future conversions too!).

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