13 Dec 2008

Relictors Tactical Squads 1 and 2

Tactical Squad I and Rhino transport
Tactical Squad II and Rhino transport

Its about time I started fleshing out my Relictors army with some of the objective taking and game winning Troops choices. The humble tactical squads form the backbone of the Chapters strength on the battlefield and are often at the forefront of operations, flexible enough to either be a gunline shooting from afar, tankbusters with krak missles and the odd powerfist toting sergeant, or in the thick of it holding their own in close combat. These are the troops I never leave home without... maybe not all my squads though, since I'm building an entire Company I'll have six of these bad boys.

Squad 1 contains my first ever painted miniatures, the bolter brother behind and to the left of the Sergeant was the first and a paint scheme concept check, then the Sergeant and then the Heavy Bolter brother. Squad 2 came later and much quicker.

Squad 1 also were painted without a Badab Black wash so have a cleaner appearance. I wasn't aware of washes early last year. Troops should be simple enough to paint as you will have lots of them, saying that, I still embelished details and highlights on all miniatures. The backpacks have metal and indicator lights in blue and red behind the head, this is mirrored on the rear waist of terminator armour. Knee pads indicate Tactical Squads, Rangefinders above the barrels on weapons have a red lens, rivets on backpack are metal as are vents and grilles. Purity seals have text and eyes have a single dot of skull white highlight. Using simple neat details you really enhance an otherwise standard paintjob.

Basic colours used were Codex Grey with (later) wash of Badab Black, Fortress Grey highlights. Bleached bone/Boltgun Metal bolters with white/chainmail highlights, Magazines were Shining gold/boltgun metal 50:50 mix, Scab Red/Blood Red eyes/lenses/laser rangefinders, Chaos Black pads with 'Ard Coat varnish, Purity seals Scab Red/Wash/Blood Red highlight with parchment Dheneb Stone and Sepia Wash. A micron pen was used for text. Bases done as earlier post describes (Keyword: Bases). GW SM transfers as seen.


  1. I really like the lighter (bone colored) bolters. It's not a color scheme you see often and I think it works with these guys,

    Nice job.

  2. That's a really nice colour for the weapons :)

  3. Cheers Ron / Adam. I thought so too, lightens up an otherwise 'grey' colour scheme. The army as a whole is two tone with an accent colour. Grey, Black and Bone - very Relictors/Mortifactors/Revilers, moody.


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