14 Dec 2008

My Ultramarines

I have been collecting my Ultramarine army for some time now, (almost 12yrs!) however it is only over the past few years that I've really got back into the swing of things and started some serious modeling.

I have already got a large force constructed over the 12yrs, having the majority of the 2nd Company complete as well as having some of the veteran company and 3rd. This all had painted in what I would like to term 'old school' Ultramarine colours. Following the sole use of ultramarine blue for the armour, using yellow for the trim of the 2nd Company. I have also used the old helmet colours for veteran status (red helmet with a single white stripe) I have updated the weapons to be black, instead of red as I believe the black bolter adds more definition to the models and ties in nicely.

The army also has a very large armoury, having 3 Vindicators (1 scratch built, 1 Forgeworld and the last being the Mk1 Rhino variation) 6 Predators (1 Mk 1 variation (large round turret) 2 Mk 2 variants and 3 of the new versions) 2 Whirlwinds and 4 Razorbacks. (including one of the rare Mk 1 variants with the fabled lascannon/plasma weapons) and 5 Dreadnoughts. There is also 2 Landraiders.

I feel quite lucky to also include a Thunderhawk gunship and an armorcast Reaver titan.

As you can see there is quite a sizable force, however sat in my 'to-do pile' are 3 more Dreadnoughts, around 2 Battle Companies and several veteran squads including the new Vanguard/Sternguards. I am currently working on finishing a Fellblade for my Ultramarine's. (I just love the Baneblade tank so much!) I have also got two more Landraiders sat on my table.

So why Ultramarine's?? - I know every time I go into games workshop they ask 'which army do you collect?' all excited and when I tell them 'Ultramarines' its like I've said something bad... The main reason was I really like the history of the Ultramarine's, I read an article in WD, relating to the battle of Macragge - with the Tyranid invasion, I really like the idea of these guys standing their ground and battling to their deaths and stopping the invasion on their home world. The first edition of WD that I read was about 187, where the original Chief Librarian Tigurius was released, I loved this model - the pose looks amazing even now, there was just something about the way it looks, like a marine with power. The battle report also was one of the major facts for me starting, it was at the time one of the largest tank battles ever with marines against a rogue pysker who had control over a large number of Leman Russ battle tanks.

I will hope to update pictures on the blog soon of my 'boyz in blue' as well as to show my work in progress. I also plan to show you my hobby, my area of work and potentially future battle reports fought with my Ultramarines and Siph's Relictors!


  1. I've seen them, they certainly out number my Relictors in strength but also in the 'to do list' stakes too. Pornstarjedi has an entire chest of drawers full of box sets to complete - and that's not including the TWO MORE Battle Companies!

  2. I play -- and collect -- Ultramarines, too. There's no shame in it. Yeah, yeah, starter army and all that. They can stuff it. :)

    I love the boys in blue and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

  3. Thanks CrusherJoe!! - I really like the fact that they've had some love in the new codex with the new special characters!

    The captain Sicarius model is awesome- a blast from the past as it's based on the original ultramarine captain.

  4. lets see some pics of the scratch built vindi

  5. I'll add some pictures of the vindi soon natsirtm. I've recently changed the back of the rhino hull. Originally I had the roof open to show the insides, however it didn't look right for a vindi to have an open roof.. I've added the mk 1 vindi roof to it. I'll get some work in progress shots soon...


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