30 Oct 2009

Vraks PDF - Leman Russ Company Project cont.

Well, I've got the base coat and camouflage done on these beauties before I have had to return to work abroad (until just before Christmas!). This post was a scheduled post to keep Weemen ticking over so hopefully you are now reading it whilst I'm getting frakked at work by the training staff playing wargames for real!
The Company Command TankTank Squadron One - Thick Striped Camo PatternTank Squadron Two - Star Camo Pattern
Tank Squadron Three - Tiger Stripe Camo Pattern
These will now remain in situ until my return. I have yet to do a Devlan Mud wash and then detailing and highlighting. The tracks will get fitted once all the work is done leaving just weathering once it is all put together.

This is a huge project with ten of the beasts to get finished but I am glad it has now got up and running (crawling) after about a year in the partially built stage. One Emperor's Fist Tank Company on it's way for Christmas! Maybe that big pile of yet to do boxes will finally start to go down too.

Once back I will try to set up a production line type of affair doing each stage before moving on to the next, hopefully that will then assure an overall similar appearance.

3 Oct 2009

Relictors Assault Termi Sgt - Space Hulk Mod

So I got distracted from painting some Assault Marines and knew the minute I saw pictures of this chap that he would end up as an Assault Terminator Sergeant. My Original squad of Assault Termies all have Thunderhammers and Storm Shields for survivability, but a squad of Lightning Claws don't do too badly and can get more hits in (two CC, re-roll wound) - this I have seen against me (Cheers Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines!) so this minor modification had to be done with my 'Spare' set of Space Hulk.I filed off 9 (yes 9!) blood teardrops and one chalice and had to cover two of the blood teardrops with minor skulls as they are amongst the chains at his waist and couldn't be removed entirely. The larger skull covers where a chalice was. I thought I'd keep the last two drops at his sides, can't hurt can it. The winged drops on the leg and both claws will now just be Aquila's. Each shoulder pauldron had 2 teardrops, these were the easiest to remove. I used GW's razor saw to cut off the base.

I might greenstuff over the battle damage on the chest and left fist, but he is a veteran so it may stay. Comments please? Cheers all.

2 Oct 2009

Relictors Chaplain

Never fear, although I've received very large reinforcements in the shape of Canis Bellum, my Relictors are never far away, albeit seeming a lot smaller now.

This is my second Relictors Chaplain, the first was an Assault Chaplain, here. This one I envisage dropping in with a squad in a Drop Pod or such like. Nice sting in the tail with Digital Weapons for a re-roll to wound in CC and Liturgies of Battle for him and the squad a re-roll to hit in the turn they assault.
I used a Chaos SM arm for the plasma pistol and used the pistol from the SM Commander boxset. The skull Shoulder Pad came from the Chaos Marauders Boxset I believe. The standard backpack has black thermal vents with suitably ornate gold rims.
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