9 Mar 2009

Relictors Assault Chaplain

I've been busy sorting out a grotty dirty scummy house I own and rent after the tenant did a bunk owing 2 months rent and never cleaning... what do I pay the rental agency management fee's for? All done now, I would live there again.
Anyway, since I was down the southern end of the country, I popped over to Porn-Star-Jedi's place for a wee battle. Battle report coming... but my surprise for him was this little beauty. He was an Ebay purchase, touched up and based and painted in Relictor colours from a rather decent job before hand as a Blood Angel. I sold my unpainted Chaplain of the same design for £6 so this guy cost me a tenner. Not bad.


natsirtm said...

Just trying to speed things up? Surprised you didn't just paint up the bare guy.

Siph_Horridus said...

He took 20mins rather than the week it takes me normally, but I have a Chaplain in Termie Armour to do myself so don't worry - I will paint a Chaplain all by myself!

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