16 Mar 2009

Imperial Guard Vraks Hellhound

As the title suggests, this is a slight departure from my main army but don't fear - the Relictors will receive reinforcements to rival Porn-Star-Jedi's Ultramarines in due course. These are a side project to help keep me stimulated etc, away from the Relictor Grey everything.

I have purchased a LOT of FW Death Korps of Kreig but I also love the 'not so new now' Plastic Cadian Shock Troops - so I decided I would have some normal guard to play alongside my DKK on Vraks simulating the remenants of still Loyal Vraks PDF troops and equipment now incorporated into the DKK Armies. I can either use Codex rules for these elements or use the DKK Imperial Armour datasets for 'counts as' DKK. But before I worry about all the rules, I have about 500 troopers, 15 Leman Russ MBT, Macharius Vanquisher, FW Stormsword, Legio Astorum Reaver and Warhound to paint...
Here is the Hellhound, done as an experiment into resin models - I had never used Resin before so the whole cleaning, filing, constructing this Resin/Plastic hybrid was as much a lesson as it was the start of something else big.

The main colours are from 2 car spray cans with masking tape in between coats to produce the camouflage pattern. The Cadians will be Graveyard Earth/Scab Red and the DKK mainly Scab Red so this will fit in nicely. Detail work and highlights are Citadel colours. The tracks were added after painting for convenience.


  1. Wow! That looks really good. I like the colour scheme... I'm a sucker for red.

  2. Well done Siph, colour scheme is nice - how long did she take you to do?

  3. Nice tank there! And, it's probably a good idea to get some resin practice in before any big resin projects... hint hint.

  4. Thanks guys.
    Tristan, about 4hrs work (quick for me this once) but spread over a few days. Car spray takes ages to set before you can masking tape it without it peeling off (see front left fender). The highlighting rivets takes eons.
    Oni, thanks - me too... maybe I should have started a Blood Angels army vice Relictors!
    Inner G, In due course my friend, i'm still at the Arrgh! Too big, where do I start phase with the Reaver! (I'll start legs and build up).

  5. That is a really nice Hellhound, i love the size of that fuel tank. The paint job looks spot on, very nicely done.

  6. 4 hours total?
    That's gorgeous for 4 hours of work. And I thought I worked fast.

  7. Thanks guys, and Ron, it was a once off trust me, normally weemen take at least a week! You are knocking out those jetbikes like there is no tomorrow!

  8. Yeah, but those are jetbikes... you did a tank!

    Seriously, looks good.

  9. how did you get the cammo scheme on your tank... i love that and i wish to know how you did it

  10. Guardsman001, sry for delay. I've been away. It was using car spray from Halfords but i'm sure the Citadel Spray Gun will coat just as good. I basecoated Beige on top of a Chaos Black undercoat, let it dry then masked off with normal masking tape ripped into fairly straight strips. Then simply sprayed over with 'Scab' Red spray. Highlighting was then done on both colours (Blood Red/Blazing Orange and Bleached Bone) picking out edges and rivets. Touch ups were done using Scab Red and Kommando Khaki as reqd.


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